‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Hits The Road To Salt Lake City

Sister Wives star Meri Brown, one of Kody Brown‘s wives, loves her road trips. Now, she’s heading off on yet another trip, even though it’s what she describes as a “mini-trip.” It turns out that Meri has a kind of ritual when it comes to Christmas shopping. She and her best friend start their holidays on the day they start shopping. So, for Meri, the holiday season officially begins now! She posted on her Instagram that this year she’s hitting the road to Salt Lake City.

‘Sister Wives’ family Christmas is a big affair

For those who don’t choose or understand the Sister Wives lifestyle revolving around one man and four women, one thing’s obvious: Christmas is massive in the Brown family! In fact, Kody Brown’s family is just one offspring shy of 19 Kids and Counting. Gift shopping and wrapping, then handing out the presents make for heaps of good fun. Presumably, Meri Brown will return from her shopping trip loaded with gift wrap and boxes of nice gifts. Definitely, in the Brown house, you don’t rush out wildly on Christmas Eve to pick up last minute gifts from the nearest corner store.

Meri Brown looked fabulous in her post on Instagram. She wore a blue and white striped tee that brought out those stunning eyes of hers. Her big, happy smile tells us she’s in a good place these days.

Sister Wives fans of Meri Brown heard that Meri’s off for “three days of festivity and fun!” Additionally, Kody Brown’s wife posted that she “can’t wait!” Well, that’s pretty obvious judging by her happy face. One fan from Germany, @rockzv, picked up on that, writing, “You look very happy. stay as you are and never forget the smile. Many greetings from Germany.”


Meri Brown’s shopping in Salt Lake

Meri Brown should be able to find something for everyone as she’s headed for the Salt Lake Family Gift Show. Some Sister Wives followers also go to the expo and hope they’ll run into their favorite Sister Wives member.  In fact, the showcase event’s like a giant craft market with so many stands and booths. They feature art, delicious fancy food, glasswork, clothing, jewelry and all sorts of other things. Plus, there’s entertainment that fires up the festive feeling. Kids can get their photos taken with Santa. However, Meri’s fans might prefer to get a photo of them with her!

Of course, some fans gave Meri some other shopping venues to consider and knowing Meri she might look into those ideas.  The one thing she does, and the reason her Sister Wives viewers love her, is read and reply to some of the comments on her posts. This time, she replied to a question by @Wyndham.a who asked her if she really planned to move away from the family. Meri said no, she is not and it’s all “just rumors.”

‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown gives it back on Instagram

Every reality TV show star has loyal fans who stand up when critics come on the scene. But these days, Meri’s self-confidence means she hardly needs them. One critic pitched in and commented that they didn’t like the color of one of her teeth. They suggested she sort it out.  Loyal fans slapped back, but she merely replied, “Dang girl and I worked so hard getting it that way! ??.” Now, that’s the new Meri Brown, strong, confident, happy and heading into Christmas. Hopefully, the New Year will keep that sparkle in her eyes.

Do you wish you could take a road trip to Salt Lake City and do some shopping with Meri Brown? Certainly, Christmas would take on a new edge!

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