‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Gets Ready To Unpack In Arizona

Sister Wives star Meri Brown just laid to rest all the rumors that she’s not making the move to Flagstaff, Arizona. Back in September, when TLC spoke to Kody Brown, Christine, and Robyn in an interview about the move, Meri brown was conspicuously absent. That may be why the rumors arose. However, Meri is excited and looking forward to unpacking in Arizona.

‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown previously mentioned looking forward to the mountains

Meri Brown already posted how she’s looking forward to the beauty of the mountains. Actually, that came on an Instagram post about her starting a new painting project. Incidentally, she is also listed as a property owner with Kody in Flagstaff. Therefore, the rumors seem off the mark. Meri recently visited Mariah and Audrey in Chicago where she had a good time riding the Tilt on the 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck. Back then, some fans speculated that she was not going to Flagstaff.

Meri Brown, from TCL’s Sister Wives, has been keeping herself busy since then with packing. She posted a photo on Instagram showing her sitting in front of heaps of boxes. Looking beautiful, as is usual these days, the photo caption mentioned the move. She wrote, “Taking a break after the final part of the move…hyped to start the unpacking process! Comfy oversized #LuLaRoePatrick for this job!” So, Fans of Sister Wives can probably relax a bit.

Separate houses in Flagstaff, Arizona

Commenting on the post, one fan of Sister Wives asked Meri, “Are you all together again or in separate houses?” Radar Online reported on that, noting that the Brown family purchased property in Flagstaff. Each of the wives has a plot and Meri’s land is 4.48 acres in size. It’s registered under Kody and Meri and valued at $180,000. Presumably, it takes time to get land developed.

Other followers asked Meri if she was going to be a part of Sister Wives still. User jolynnsexton1 answered the question, saying “@dvenator yes, she is.” It certainly seems some people lost a bit in all the confusion between the move and Meri trying to get her life back together after the awful catfish incident. Some fans asked why they were moving to Flagstaff, others asked where they were moving to. Here’s the answer to those fans. The family moved to Flagstaff and the next season should show some of that.

Hopefully, Meri Brown will find happiness in Arizona

Meri’s very popular on the show and people admire her positive attitude these days. Instead of moping around, she took up painting, slimmed down, and looks stunning. She also projects the positivity in her Instagram posts with her hashtags like “#LivingMyWhy, #BecauseICan, and #LoveWhatIDo.” Certainly, if Meri keeps up with her creativity and positivity, there’s a chance for her happiness again.

One fan, @donjaroberts, summed it up for Meri’s followers, “New adventure I’m sure y’all will have lots of fun.” Are you one of the fans who wish her a great future? Are you looking forward to a new season showing us all the new events in Meri Brown’s life?

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