‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Slammed for a No-No in Front of Kids

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown is in hot water again with the fans of his TLC show after he opened up his mouth only to insert his foot. Or so the fans suggest today. Yes, Kody Brown once again forgot to filter his words before sharing them while on the Sister Wives cameras.

Kody Brown seemed to think there was nothing wrong about sharing his thoughts. The Sister Wives patriarch let his thoughts flow like he was talking about something as generic as the weather report.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Missing Filter?

But it’s not the weather that put him on a roll, he was assigning blame to one of his four Sister Wives ladies. To make matters worse, he did this in front of Robyn Brown’s kids.

His fans were quick to jump online and note that his conversation was inappropriate. This comes on the heels of Sister Wives enthusiasts hopping online to accuse Kody Brown of pitting wife against wife.

Whether he is playing one wife against the other or not is up for debate. But when you start saying things to your kids about one of their moms, well, that’s different. At least it is for some of the show’s fans.

Pack Up and Move Along

In the last episode, Kody Brown and Robyn Brown took on the task of telling their kids another move is in the cards. Robyn and Kody told Robyn’s three oldest that the rental house they live in was sold. This means this arm of the Sister Wives huge family needs to find a new place to live.

Dayton Brown, Aurora Brown, and Breanna Brown were just uprooted out of their Vegas home. They moved into a beautiful rental home when the Sister Wives clan relocated to Flagstaff.

Now they need to move again and even though they will remain in Flagstaff, it’s overwhelming for the kids. Dayton feels aggravated, Aurora suffers a panic attack, and Breanna has more questions.

It sounds like Kody Brown’s one big house idea enthuses Breanna. She wants to know why that’s not happening. Instead of Kody just saying that the adults decided against it, he throws Christine Brown under the bus.

Sister Wives: Looks Like Christine Brown is the Fall Guy?

Kody basically told Robyn’s daughter that Christine was against the move so it was nixed. Don’t forget, Kody put on that glamorous show for all the Sister Wives members of the family, including the kids.

He offered them visions of what life would be like the Brown family castle. So the older kids took the bait, they loved it. So now they have Christine Brown to thank for its demise.

The video he used for this presentation showed a home that mirrored a Hollywood celebrity estate. Then to top it off, the kids would all live under one roof. The Sister Wives kids are not only siblings but many consider their sisters and brothers good friends.

Kody painted one cool picture of this shared mansion for his Sister Wives family. What teen wouldn’t be enthused about living in a home fit for a Hollywood celebrity? Not to mention they’d have all their siblings with them under one roof.

But by pointing the finger at Christine Brown, she becomes the person who ruined that dream for them. So the fans got online to show Kody Brown the error of his ways.

It’s one thing to pit wife against wife, which fans don’t like. But when you start turning the kids against a Sister Wives mom… well that’s a different story and some fans were furious. Catch a new episode of the TLC series on Sunday nights at 10 pm EST.

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