‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Revived – Tony Padron CPR for Ho-Hum Storylines?

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown pretty much had the male lead in his TLC reality series sealed-up, that is until Tony Padron first appeared. Back when this young man asked Kody Brown for his daughter’s hand in marriage, fans were mesmerized by this new face.

But it wasn’t because he was about to become Mykelti Brown’s husband. No, it was because he pushed his future father-in-law’s buttons. Come to think of it, Tony Padron might have just installed a few of those buttons for the Sister Wives patriarch as well.

Sister Wives: Will Tony Padron Give Kody Brown Competition?

Tony had other sons-in-law featured on the show when it came time for a wedding. But none seemed to leave an impression like Tony Padron. The adult children of the Sister Wives show don’t get much airtime on the reality series.

But according to Kody Brown, it’s only when something special is going on within one of the kid’s lives that they get prolonged time on the Sister Wives screen. Tony and Mykelti are now expecting a baby and yes, the TLC camera crew is filming this baby journey.

Viewers requested Tony’s return each season since their wedding. So it looks like Kody may have a little competition in the popularity department. Sister Wives enthusiasts can’t wait to see where Kody leads the family. But they also want to see if and how Tony ruffles Kody’s feathers this time around.

With the son-in-law’s return, it looks like interactions between Tony Padron and his Sister Wives’ father-in-law are inevitable. The last time these interactions happened was about four years ago when Tony and Mykelti planned a wedding and then married.

Sister Wives viewers watched as Tony unintentionally got under Kody’s skin. When the young couple said they invited 500 people to their wedding but expected 400 guests to show up, Kody crumbled.

The Sister Wives papa foot the bill for that wedding. Kody’s reaction to Tony spending money as if it grows on trees was priceless, according to the fans. That’s because it was Kody’s money he spent.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron

Fans Still Empathize with Mykelti Brown Padron and Hubby

The young Sister Wives couple wanted an August Wedding. This put their nuptials just two months after Maddie Brown’s wedding. So Janelle thought it was Maddie’s special time and that Mykelti would interrupt her half-sister’s planning. At the time Mykelti sprung this on her family, her August wedding would have been four months away.

Kody Brown wasn’t thinking about the battle of the wedding planning, he was seeing dollar signs. This became costly. As it turned out Tony Padron and his bride from the Sister Wives tribe married in December but problems still cropped up.

Fans felt that Mykelti wasn’t met with the same enthusiasm by her five parents as Maddie Brown was with her wedding. Some followers still chat about it on social media sites today.

Kody Brown also considers Celeb Brush, Maddie’s husband, his best friend. It seems to go without saying the bond with Tony Padron is nowhere near Kody’s and Calebs. But, as Tony Padron makes his entrance on the new season, he’s already got a fan base waiting for him.

Some of those fans anticipate Tony bringing a bit of a competition for Kody Brown. There’s another Sister Wives rooster around who has his own ideas.



Sister Wives: New Generation Filters In

When Kody Brown agreed he could marry Mykelti, he laid out two conditions for Tony Padron. The Sister Wives leader said he didn’t want Tony talking against plural marriage around his future kids. The young groom agreed to this.

But when Kody Brown asked that he wait 10 months to a year before getting married, Tony didn’t budge. He said Mykelti has her heart set on a short engagement. So, he shot down Kody’s request on camera. The look on his future father-in-law’s face at the time said it all. He seemed stunned that Tony didn’t honor that request.

Kody wasn’t the only Sister Wives parent to let Tony Padron get under his skin. Christine Brown also screams… “That boy is outrageous” when referring to Tony and how he invited 400-plus guests to the wedding.

The fans like Tony Padron because he really does appear to love Mykelti. The fame from the Sister Wives series doesn’t seem to entice him very much. It seems it’s all about Mykelti for him. But when he returns in the news season fans will watch closely to see if he’ll ruffle or outright pluck Kody Brown’s feathers.


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