‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Defends Kody’s Cringe-Worthy Comment about Her

Sister Wives star Kody Brown dropped jaws with a comment about Robyn Brown but his fourth wife publicly defended his demeaning words. The four co-wives and Kody Brown did many interviews when their TLC reality series first rolled out. During one of these many Sister Wives interviews, Kody Brown said something mortifying about Robyn Brown. But Robyn’s reaction appeared even more shocking than her shared husband’s comment.

Sister Wives: TLC Celeb Kody Brown Leaves Them Gasping for Air

Kody Brown caused his other three wives to gasp for air after sharing this blurb about Robyn Brown. But they weren’t the only ones. The interviewer and the audience sounded stunned as well. Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown started to chime in but Robyn talked right over them.

With the new Season of the Sister Wives on the way, many viewers partake in binge-watching past episodes. The fans watch the Kody Brown family interviews and specials as well. It’s a good way to catch things that might have gotten by you the first time around.

Kody and his wives seem different today than they were a decade ago. Robyn Brown appears more invested in pleasing Kody then she did during the last season to roll out. Last season she didn’t tiptoe around her Sister Wives husband. She let Kody know that she wasn’t happy about all the moving.

But a decade ago, she seemed much more eager to protect her husband from public ridicule. As one example of this, what Kody said in the video below would embarrass any wife. Instead, Robyn jumped in so Kody Brown wouldn’t get hit with the wrath that the Sister Wives fans thought he deserved.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

What Did Kody Say About Robyn Brown?

During this interview, Kody Brown discussed meeting Robyn and his thoughts about making her his fourth wife.  Kody sat on the stage flanked by his four Sister Wives women as he explained his feelings.

When Robyn Brown first came into the picture, he wasn’t sure about marrying her. He said he “shuttered” and had personal reservations about Robyn at the time. Then what Kody said next stunned everyone within earshot. He came right out and said that to him, Robyn Brown had an “Ick Factor” that gave him a reason to worry.

The interviewer said, “Kody did you really just say that” as his wives appeared astonished over what he just said. But Robyn didn’t let them talk… she came right to her Sister Wives hubby’s defense. The interviewer pointed out that Robyn cringed as Kody said what he did. Even the audience saw this as a cringe-worthy comment.

Sister Wives: Robyn Understands But No One Else Did

This interview took place back in 2010, which is when Robyn Brown seemed very eager to please her new Sister Wives shared husband. She immediately said that she understood why Kody said she had the “ick factor” for him when contemplating marriage.

Robyn went on to explain that as a divorced mother with kids, these kids come from her previous spouse. She praises Kody for the work he already has on his plate with his big family. Robyn Brown said now she brings more work with her three kids. It sounds like Robyn believes the “ick factor” has to do with extra kids. But it might just be her instead.

A few years later the Sister Wives’ Kody Brown seems to explain it differently. He said that when he met Robyn his concern centered on her divorce. In their religion, you are married through eternity and he worried about her ability to make this commitment.

Since she already divorced once, he wasn’t sure about how she would handle the commitment of marriage with him and his family. But he loved her and the rest is history for this one big family.

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