‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Blames Fear for Bad Decision that Still Haunts Wife?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown explained how fear drove him to one bad decision, which is something he plans on never repeating again. The outcome of Kody’s medical/financial gamble from years ago left Christine Brown owing a lot of money. It’s such a large amount of money, she may end up paying this for the rest of her life.

Today’s Sister Wives followers know that Ysabel Brown faces scoliosis surgery within the next week or two. This prompted Christine to embark on a money-raising campaign a while back, which caused her some flack from fans. Mostly because Kody Brown wasn’t heard from over this.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Decision Leaves Christine Brown in Massive Debt

Kody’s third wife, Christine Brown, pushed her clothing line, telling Sister Wives prospective buyers that each purchase goes towards this surgery for her daughter. Apparently, her health insurance covered some of the procedures but Christine needed to pay $50,000 towards the bill.

This brought back memories of a $450,000 bill this Sister Wives mom was left with when Truely Brown fell ill years back. Without a legal marriage, Christine Brown’s bills are not necessarily Kody Brown’s bills by law.

Also putting all Kody Brown’s kids on his insurance plan at work was a risky business before they came out as a polygamous family. When the Sister Wives family first graced the screen, they were also telling the world that Kody’s family consists of three wives.

When the series first rolled out, Robyn was still in the courting stage. But by the end of the first season, Kody had four wives. Up until the TLC reality series aired, they kept their lifestyle as quiet as they possibly could.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Truely Brown

Blame It On Fear

Back then, Meri Brown was his one legal wife. So, Kody could only cover Meri on his health insurance when it came to his wives. His plan for insurance came from the job he held in advertising at the time.

Kody claims it was fear that caused him not to put all his kids on his health insurance from his job. That fear put Christine Brown in a ton of debt. By her own admission, Christine says she still receives calls from debt collectors for this bill.

So, how did Kody Brown pick which kid gets covered and which did not?  It sounds like a crap-shoot of a decision because it came back to bite his wife, not him.

Many die-hard Sister Wives enthusiasts remember Truely’s story. In 2014 Christine thought Truely Brown, who was 3-years-old at the time had the flu. So when she didn’t get better, Christine brought Truely to the ER.

The doctors discovered this was much more serious than the flu. They diagnosed the toddler with acute kidney failure and dehydration. She spent the next 11 days in the hospital.’

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Fans Furious

When fans heard of Christine’s major debt they became furious. Kody took Robyn on as his fourth wife in 2010. She’d been Kody’s wife for four years when a then-3-year-old Truely fell ill. This left fans of the Sister Wives series wondering what was going on.

Kody divorced Meri to legally marry Robyn. He then adopted her kids to put them on his health plan. But yet, 3-year-old Truely, his biological daughter, didn’t have insurance. Again, Kody blamed fear for this but they lived in Vegas when his daughter became ill.

Kody claims he couldn’t put his entire Sister Wives brood on this plan without calling attention to his polygamous lifestyle. As fans remember they had to flee Utah due to fear of prosecution, as polygamy was against the law at that time in that state.

But they moved to Vegas in 2011. So, the fear-factor diminished by this time. They had a few seasons under their belt at that time and Vegas worked out well for their lifestyle.

Kody Brown vowes not to let any of the kids go without health insurance again. But that doesn’t stop Christine’s debt collector calls today.

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