‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Romances Assets Instead of Christine?

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown had his problems with each of his wives through the years, including a romance hiatus with Christine Brown. While the third wife of the Sister Wives tribe attempted to mend the problem, it looked like Kody had other things on his mind.

For those of you who’ve watched the Sister Wives from the beginning, you’ve seen the jealousy seep into the relationships from time to time. But at one point during the earlier seasons, Christine and Kody Brown’s relationship went stale.

At the time, Christine was so tainted by their relationship that she admits Kody walked into a hostile environment sometimes. That’s the way she described treating Kody when he came to her house.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown In a Sad Place Over Kody Brown

The problem with their relationship sounded pretty serious, to Christine anyway, as she talked about it. She also held back the tears on the 2011 video below. The work Christine feels she puts into this relationship might not be worth it anymore, she said on camera.

Apparently she was forthcoming with this problem to her other three Sister Wives. Janelle Brown said that what was once working for Christine and their shared husband, isn’t working anymore.

This is on the heels of Robyn Brown joining the family and Christine feeling left out. The Sister Wives series shocked the viewers when Kody started dating Robyn while Christine was at home pregnant with one of his 18 kids, Truely Brown. After that Christine was at home with an infant as Kody Brown honeymooned with Robyn.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

Getting To Know Who?

It was an awful time for Christine Brown who blew up over the entire situation. While Kody was attempting to get to know Robyn, Christine had her sixth child with Kody Brown. Christine thought the new baby was someone he also should get to know.

So in the aftermath of all this, Christine Brown is attempting to get her relationship with her Sister Wives husband back on track. At the time it seemed to the fans that Kody’s problems with Christine weren’t a major concern for this shared husband.

In the video below, it appears it’s Christine’s turn to get her Sister Wives hubby for the night. There’s no romance displayed in the clip. It looks as if Christine flits around in her nightgown as she gets the kids settled. Then there’s Kody reading a book. No, it’s not a self-help book on relationships, it’s a book about “asset-based thinking”.

Sister Wives: Money Trumps Romance?

“Change the Way You See Everything” is the name of the book Kody reads in this clip. Christine Brown has dressed rather attractively and ready to head to bed. But Kody Brown has his face in the book. So, was that a hint of where his mind was at the time?

Even on the way into the bedroom Kody puts his arm around Christine and says, “are you ready for bed?” Then comes the romance killer from the Sister Wives patriarch. Then he pipes up – “I am bushed”.

Looking back at this retro clip, it’s scenes like these that probably sparked the rumors about Kody Brown favoring Robyn. Christine even says in the video that she’s not sure if she even cares what Kody wants anymore. Apparently, she’s that upset.

So, back then the rumors had the other wives vying for his attention but Kody not doing much to give them that attention. This video seems to add a little bit of fuel to Kody Brown lacking romance for his other wives at the time.

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