‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Overlooked Christine – Got Engaged to Her Friend First

Sister Wives star Kody Brown married Christine Brown, which made her his third wife behind the other two he had previously wed. But Christine Brown had Kody in her scopes long before Kody and Meri Brown took on another wife.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown In Monogamous Marriage

Meri had Kody Brown all to herself for three years before bringing wife number two on board, Janelle Brown. Kody and Christine were friends from church and he and Meri spent time with her at different church functions.

A very interested Christine wanted so much to join this cute guy’s family as one of his Sister Wives ladies. At one point she got very close to thinking that Kody Brown was about to approach her for a courtship. But something happened.

Christine introduced a younger and very pretty woman to Kody at one of the many functions they attended. It didn’t take long for Kody to become smitten with her. To add insult to injury for Christine, his first Sister Wives spouse, Meri, liked her as well.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

The World Crumbles For Christine Brown

After some time went by, Meri and Kody approached Christine with what they thought was good news. Kody was courting this young woman and they became engaged.

This devastated Christine and crushed any chance she thought she had for becoming one of the Sister Wives of Kody Brown. While there was always a chance Christine could join the family later on down the line, she wouldn’t even think of it.

Christine Brown couldn’t see herself co-existing with this woman as a Sister Wives family member. So, with all her hopes gone for a wedding with Kody Brown, she distanced herself from both Meri and her husband.

A week before the wedding, Christine Brown got a call from Meri. The first wife of the Sister Wives delivered the news – they called off the wedding.

No details surfaced as to why this happened. But it looked like Kody Brown’s choice for a second wife for his Sister Wives family was nixed, either by him or the unnamed woman.

Christine’s mood went from humdrum to ecstatic, elated, and just so full of hope for her future. She once again could pursue the man of her dreams as her possible future husband.

Overseeing the patriarch get ready for the day.

Sister Wives: It Just Gets Worse

But that happiness became short-lived for Christine. Another Sister Wives’ co-wife was soon in the picture.  Kody Brown told Christine about a woman named Janelle. He described her as driving him “crazy”.

Christine Brown didn’t think much of it because she read the driving him crazy part all wrong. Before long he became engaged to Janelle. This not only crushed her but confused her as well. She didn’t realize Janelle drove Kody crazy in a way that made him want to make her his wife.

But apparently Janelle was a woman that Christine could see as her co-wife down the line. But Kody had some concerns of his own.

He also confessed that at one point when he had Christine in mind for courting, he witnessed her do something that turned him off. During a car ride with Kody as the driver, his then-friend Christine sat in the backseat.

They stopped during this journey on the road for some fast food. But once they got on the road again, what Kody saw in the rear-view mirror turned him off to Christine.

While he admits he was a bit superficial back then, he also said couldn’t even look at her. When he saw a “chubby” girl devouring nachos with cheese and sauce all over the place, this cooled his heels on Christine for a while.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown and Kody Brown

Then it Gets Better

Kody married Meri in 1990 and then he married Janelle in 1993, so it took only a year after that for Kody and Christine to tie the knot. But before she married Kody, he managed to break her heart once again.

While Christine’s hopes were up that one day she’d marry the Sister Wives patriarch, he said something that devastated his future wife.

They were together for a function when he turned to her and said the wrong thing. He believed that she’d marry a man one day that would appreciate her for her strengths. Again, this devastated her, as it didn’t sound like Kody Brown thought he was that man.

 All Five Brown Spouses

Sister Wives: Christine Takes the Bull By the Horns

After all this heartache and many disappointments, the woman who is Christine Brown today, took the bull by the horns. At a surprise birthday party that Meri and Janelle held for Kody, Christine came right out and said it. “Out of all the guys I know, you are the one I’d want to marry”.

After that, Christine alerted her grandfather, who headed their church. She told him that if Kody Brown asked for her hand in marriage to answer “yes”. Kody Brown asked and the rest is Sister Wives’ history.

A few times Christine Brown shared on the Sister Wives series how she always saw herself as a third wife. While that may be true, she was ready to settle for the title of wife number two during her Kody Brown journey.

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