‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Says Once Grossed-Out Watching Christine Eat

Sister Wives star Kody Brown almost called it quits when courting Christine Brown after he saw her eating in the backseat of his car. This happened right around the time Kody first developed romantic feelings for Christine.

Christine had been a friend for quite a while before marrying Kody. Christine joined Meri Brown and Kody Brown on a road trip to the Wyoming farm owned by the Sister Wives patriarch’s family.

This story comes from the book “The Making of Sister Wives: A Story of an Unconventional Marriage” The book was published during the early seasons of the TLC show and it hit Number One on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Sees Christine Brown in Mirror Devouring Food

All five of the Sister Wives adults took part in writing this book. One of the many stories Kody told started on a road trip. At the time he saw Christine through the rear-view mirror of a car. What he described is rather disheartening for fans to hear. This offers more fuel to the people out there who ask what these four women could possibly see in Kody Brown.

This road trip occurred even before Janelle entered the Sister Wives picture as the second wife. Christine Brown was head over heels for Kody and wanted to marry him and become a sister wife to Meri. Christine Brown, who wasn’t a Brown at that time, sat in the backseat.

This young husband drove and his first wife, Meri, sat in the front seat with him. Throughout the trip, Kody got a glimpse of Christine in the mirror. Kody said the trio drove through the night and in the morning they stopped at a Quickie Mart.

After that stop, the next glimpse in that rear-view mirror stunned Kody Brown. There he saw a “chubby” Christine chowing down on a breakfast that consisted of the biggest portion of chili cheese nachos he ever saw. This did it in for the future Sister Wives shared hubby.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

Sight Burned Into Kody’s Mind

Apparently, that scene of Christine Brown etched into his mind. His potential future wife for his Sister Wives tribe had chili and cheese all over the place as she ate the food. He admits this caused him to act superficially. But he backed off the courtship due to that picture of a heavy-set girl devouring all that food.

Christine met Kody and knew almost immediately she wanted him for a husband. She refers to Kody’s rearview mirror story in the book. Christine said she had no idea at the time what went through the Sister Wives’ shared husband’s mind.

It seems Christine would endure heartaches before the stars would align and make her the third wife in Kody Brown’s Sister Wives clan. That includes his initial pick of a teenager for his second wife. This hit Christine like a ton of bricks.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Endures Bouts of Devastation Before Wedding

Kody catching the eye of this young, slim girl devastated Christine. Meri and Kody waited until the girl turned 18 before getting engaged to her. But she called off the Sister Wives wedding just a week before the planned ceremony.

Then came Janelle, filling the spot of the second wife in this plural marriage. Learning of this pending marriage also devastated Christine. Janelle Brown -was pregnant with Kody’s first child when he finally got together with  Christine. Whatever Kody Brown has, it was enough for Christine to wait all that time before a proposal.

She watched Kody and Meri lure another wife in for the man she loved, not once but twice. Each time she believed her chances of ever being part of Kody’s family were gone. But she finally got her man.

Still, throughout the last decade, as new seasons aired for the TLC show, fans want to know what the attraction is to Kody Brown for his four wives. Especially after hearing how superficial Kody Brown tends to be. It appears to fans that there must be something there the viewers missed.

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