‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Toxic – Spouses Tip-Toe Around Her?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown seems to take sharp aim at Kody Brown as she opposes almost anything he sets out to do so far this season. Hey, when the fans start feeling sorry for Kody Brown, then you know Christine Brown’s gone over the top. It is usually the Sister Wives patriarch that gets blamed for the downfalls of this TLC series. But it looks like Christine is in a very raw mood these days and she’s taking no prisoners.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Demonstrates Huge Change

Kody once deemed Christine Brown as the “fun” one out of all his wives. But you’d be hard-pressed to find any fun in his third bride today. Sister Wives fans jumped all over Christine’s behavior after watching Sunday night’s episode.

She seemed to sabotage Kody’s idea of getting them all together for a road trip. At first, Christine complained about not taking two cars, which negates the reason Kody wanted this trip. He thought it might promote togetherness.

Then when the vehicle they decided to use started losing air in one of the tires, Kody insisted on a trip to the tire shop before starting on their journey. Christine bucked him every inch of the way.

The third Sister Wives bride said how it was driven a long way the day before and it was fine. So it’s fine today since the tire still appeared inflated. This is what she snapped back at her husband, who only wanted a safe trip.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Kody Brown Takes the Reins

But Kody took heed with the dashboard indicating tire pressure going down. Then one of Christine’s co-wives heard the air escaping from the tire. So, that blew her idea. Then she wanted to take another vehicle because it takes too long at the tire shop.

Well, this Sister Wives mom was half-correct on that thought. The shop couldn’t do it at all because the tire had a nail through it and it couldn’t be fixed. Instead, they needed a new one, which they didn’t stock. This gave her more time to throw out her two-vehicle caravan idea for the road trip. But instead, Kody opted to take another vehicle.

Christine Brown didn’t think Robyn Brown’s mini-van would give them enough room. Although, Robyn said it was bigger than the car with the bad tire. By now Kody had it with Christine’s strong opposition.

Instead of visiting their polygamous friends in Utah, now Christine suggests a conference call over the phone. She bucked Kody all the way. But he got all four of his Sister Wives ladies in the minivan and off they went.

Sister Wives:Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Her Bark Was as Bad as Her Bite?

Christine Brown seemed to perfect a snide smile through all of this. That smile emerged during her sarcastic remarks to Kody. She used that a few times towards her other Sister Wives co-wives as well.

In the car, Meri Brown asked Christine if she was warm enough. Apparently, it got too warm for Meri and she wanted the heat turned down. Instead of answering, Christine pulled her jacket up around her shoulders.

But she shot Meri a look that said it all. Christine looked like one peeved Sister Wives passenger. She also seemed to cause her Sister Wives cohorts to walk on eggshells around her.

But it wasn’t until they landed at the road trip’s destination that Christine’s facial grimaces came out in full force. Kody brought his four wives to the home of a good friend, who’s a man with three wives. He thought a visit with people who also practice polygamy would be a good thing for his Sister Wives spouses.

All of the women live under the same roof with their one shared husband. Kody wanted to show his wives how nice this setting works. Then hopefully, get his Sister Wives ladies on board to do the same in his one big house.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

The One Wet Blanket

Christine Brown wasn’t having any of this. Her face gave that away most of the time she was at this polygamous family’s home. While she seemed to like these folks, she didn’t want to live like them and she made that clear.

Janelle was all for a big house from the beginning. Meri and Robyn, who were 50/50 sold on the idea before the trip, would like to try it. But Christine Brown will move away with her kids before living with her Sister Wives ladies.

Fans described Christine as toxic when it came to setting the mood for this trip. They also suggested Kody and the other three wives tip-toed around an irate Christine Brown.

She made it obvious she didn’t want to spend time with the other co-wives. It was as if she threw a wet blanket over the entire day. It appears Christine’s mood doesn’t stop with this episode.

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