‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Mum as Christine Slides into New Stinker-Role?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown endured her share of public scrutiny for the last few seasons, now it looks like it’s Christine Brown‘s turn. The Sister Wives fans only go by what they see on the screen of this TLC series.

So, the audience witnessed a lot during the last decade of Sister Wives seasons. In the role of legal peeping Toms, folks tuning into this reality series saw things the family sometimes wished they hadn’t.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown In a Strange Place

Sister Wives started their latest season off with a bang. The ladies first festered then blew up at a gathering for lunch on the first episode of the new season.

Janelle held a very diplomatic meeting among the five Sister Wives’ spouses. It appeared she came with all good intentions but two of the wives attempted to make it all about them. Much to the fans’ surprise, Meri stayed quiet and listened to what her counterparts had to say.

Meri Brown made it clear on the season opener that she is not done with her attempts to romance Kody Brown. While she never officially split with her Sister Wives’ shared husband, Kody made it clear they no longer “live together.”

So, while Meri Brown remains part of the Sister Wives’ family, Kody is not engaging in nighttime activities with her. He recently said how this has been the case over the last four or five years.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown -Robyn Brown

Keeping Mum – An Attractive Role at That Table

Kody Brown seemed like a man beaten down by life, according to a couple of Sister Wives comments coming from fans. He appeared as if the weight of the world was just about to break his back, suggested another viewer of the TLC series.

At one point Christine Brown became very snarky with her words to Kody and the Sister Wives ladies. This is how another fan describes the scene. Christine seemed to take what Janelle put out to the fivesome and turn it into something about herself. Then Robyn kicked in making herself the foundation for all the anger at the table.

If Meri has a plan to make herself look attractive to Kody, well it appears to be working. Meri Brown stayed mum through all the crying and complaining. That had to appear attractive to Kody, one of the Sister Wives fans suggested. It seems like Meri gets a bit of a reprieve from being the target so far. But it seems like another one of the four wives takes her place.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Gets Her Turn Churning Sour Notes

Unlike Meri, who didn’t seem to want the negative attention that was aimed at her, Christine seems to invite it. In the new  season opener, she claimed everybody hates her. Christine also made it very clear she couldn’t live with any of the ladies or Kody in a Sister Wives’ big home.

While Christine Brown did reveal a secret on this Sister Wives episode, there seems more to this problem. She told her co-wives that she still feels jealous of them. But after almost 30 years in a polygamous marriage, this sounds ridiculous, suggests several of the viewers in their comments about the series.

During a very recent interview, Christine Brown was the only one out of all four wives that adamantly stated there’s no big house for her. Janelle wanted to live all together in a huge home.

Meri and Robyn were 50/50 on the topic but willing to go with Kody’s plan. But Christine Brown not only said no, but she also seemed to relish the idea. It’s almost as if being the gatekeeper to their happiness appeals to Christine. She’s the spouse with the opposing view and this gave her some power, according to another fan’s comment.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown - Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Robyn Brow

It Seems Like Meri Brown Is Working On It

So, it seems as if Meri kept quiet at lunch. She only piped up when Janelle pushed her into it. But it looks as if she traded in that victim role for a more attractive place, at least at the table.

On the other hand, Christine Brown seemed to step into the role Meri Brown left behind. From the looks of the Sister Wives previews, Christine pretty much stepped into the role of the stinker-like spouse this season. She also appears to like the attention this awards her as well.

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