‘Sister Wives’: Will Tony Padron Honor Kody Brown’s Odd Request for Future?

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown seems to make it clear to Tony Padron that as his wife’s father, he still has a say about things in the future. Back to the day when Tony requested that big talk with Kody, it turned out strange.

It seems that Tony Patron asking for Mykelti Brown’s hand in marriage suddenly became tricky. The decision-maker of the Sister Wives family had a few requests of his own for his future son-in-law. One request especially gathered up the viewers’ comments, as it seemed a bit overbearing on Kody’s part.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron Stunned At Kody Brown’s Reaction

Tony Padron became a fan-favorite for a few reasons with one of them being the reaction he gets from Kody Brown. Fans saw just how Tony got on Kody’s nerves during the wedding planning.

But even before the first taco was mentioned, Tony decided to ask the Sister Wives patriarch for his daughter’s hand in marriage. When Tony Padron came out with the question, it stunned him that Kody Brown didn’t quickly give him his blessing.

No, the Sister Wives camera captured Kody with his thoughts on his daughter’s life going forward. Instead of just saying yes when Tony Padron asked to wed Mykelti, Papa Brown had some added requests for the future groom.

What the Sister Wives leader put forward, seemed more like a couple of commitments from Tony, made between the two of them.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron


Kody Brown Hands Tony Self-Serving Contingencies?

The leader of the Sister Wives clan had a few things he wanted his future-son-in-law to agree to before bestowing his blessing on the nuptials. One, in particular, seemed self-serving to the viewers of the show back then.

Was this request about his daughter or was it for his own sake? What Kody asked Tony to do is wait 10 months to a year before walking down the aisle. Tony wouldn’t agree to this.

He tells his future Sister Wives’ father-in-law that he needs to consult Mykelti before he can answer to this. While Kody Brown said he wanted them to wait for their own good, fans theorized that this Sister Wives dad had something else in mind.

Kody just threw a lavish wedding for Maddie Brown Brush that cost a pretty penny. Later, as more Sister Wives episodes rolled out, fans learned Kody was worried about his finances. So, fans surmised this waiting period he proposed to Tony Padron, would allow him to gather more finances first.

That request wasn’t the stunner. Kody also strongly suggests there’s another promise Tony needs to make before getting his blessing.


Sister Wives: Keep Polygamy Alive Via Your Kids?

Kody Brown prides himself on never leading his kids towards a polygamous relationship. When asked about the kids possibly wanting a plural marriage someday, Kody always offers the same reply. He claims that his kids have the choice. He leaves it totally up to them.

Before Kody Brown would agree to Tony Padron marrying his daughter, the head of the Sister Wives tribe throws out another request.

He doesn’t want Tony Padron to discourage his future kids from plural marriage. He claims it’s because he doesn’t want his grandchildren to ever feel separated from him.

Oddly enough, Tony Padron didn’t need to consult his bride before agreeing to this request. He said he’d agree out of respect for Kody. But the fans thought the Sister Wives head honcho was out of bounds with this one.

It seemed more like a contingency in order to get Kody Brown’s blessing for this marriage. Kody then prompted Tony to reassure him that he’s okay with his future children entering into a plural marriage if they want to.  Tony agreed.

It looks like Kody Brown’s arm is long-reaching into the future. Tony and Mykelti are now married a few years without kids in the picture yet. So, this won’t be an issue for probably another 20 years down the line.

Mykelti grew up in a plural marriage and she doesn’t want one for herself. So how can Kody and Tony make the decision for her as the future mother to these kids? Sister Wives fans’ comments suggest that Kody seems more interested in validating his lifestyle then offering choices with this odd request.

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