‘Sister Wives’: Tony Padron Expert at Pushing Kody Brown’s Buttons?

Sister Wives celeb, Tony Padron, came on strong and then disappeared, which left the fans wanting more from Kody Brown‘s son-in-law. Excuses for the lack of Tony’s presence on the series were recently made by Kody Brown. While it sounded feasible, some of the Sister Wives fans don’t buy it.

Sister Wives Update: Tony Padron Rattles Kody Brown’s Cage

Much of the enthusiasm for Tony to reappear on TLC’s Sister Wives has to do with how Kody Brown reacts to his son-in-law. Not long after he showed up on the series with his future bride, Mykelti Brown, friction surfaced. At one point Kody and Christine Brown agreed that Tony Padron knows how to push their buttons.

It looks like Tony Padron’s appearance created one too many roosters in Kody Brown’s Sister Wives world. Veteran fans may remember back to when this future son-in-law first showed up on the TLC series with Christine and Kody Brown’s daughter. It didn’t take long for fans to pick him apart.

Viewers commented on how entitled Tony Padron came-off on the Sister Wives screen. Many may also remember Kody’s reaction to Tony. Especially after he took over and committed the father of the bride’s money for a huge wedding without consulting him.

But before that happened, Christine Brown became anxious about meeting Tony’s parents. Her shared husband did as well. They worried that their future inlaws might not understand their polygamous lifestyle.

But Kody’s nervousness quickly turned into pride. He seemed to puff up a bit when Tony Padron mentioned how some of his family think Kody Brown is kind of cool with four wives.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron

Kody In His Rooster Mode

Then Kody Brown strutted around in his rooster mode while waiting for Tony’s parents. The third wife from Sister Wives, Christine, set the table to host her future in-laws. Kody had a seating arrangement in mind. But when Christine Brown and Mykelti Brown ignored his thoughts on who should sit where – Papa Brown was peeved.

Some of the people on Tony’s side were a bit too big to sit as close together as Christine put the chairs. So, Kody fumed as Myketi and Christine did what they wanted. After Tony Padron gave Kody praise about having four wives, it sounds as if he thinks he’s a bit of an idol in his soon-to-be inlaws’ eyes. He also seemed to like that idea.

At the same time Tony Padron and Mykelti planned this wedding, Kody attempted to recoup his finances from a previous wedding. Only six months earlier another daughter married. So, the Sister Wives’ dad was on the rebound with his finances after Maddie Brown Brush’s wedding.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Mykelti Brown Padron - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Tony Padron Gets Under Kody Brown’s Skin

When Tony Padron mentioned the wedding, he also mentioned the 400 guests he planned to invite. A good majority of these guests were unknown to the Sister Wives clan, as they came from the groom’s side. Then he requested a taco bar to feed all these people.

Tony wanted 10 tacos per guest, which meant 4,000 tacos. Then to add insult to injury he stressed he didn’t want those “white people” tacos. He wanted the good stuff with real steak inside. This conversation blew Kody Brown away as dollar signs stomped in his head.

The Sister Wives patriarch remarked how this wedding was going to clobber him. Even the fans knew what he meant by this. He worried about the wedding expenses emptying his wallet. But Tony Padron didn’t understand what the Sister Wives’ father meant.

When Tony heard Kody Brown’s response he looked confused. He said at the time, that he didn’t understand what Kody meant by “It would clobber him”. Then it hit Tony and he figured out that the head of the Sister Wives tribe meant it would clobber him financially.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron - Tony Padron

Tony Offers a Way Around the Problem

Tony Padron then described “a way around that” while on camera. He meant a way around gathering enough money for the wedding.

Back then the fans described him as a  pushy groom. Probably because he suggested that his future inlaws take out a loan against their house to pay for the wedding. Once they get that loan, Tony said they can just pay it back in time. He tells the camera, “it’s called home equity”.

This put the Sister Wives viewers in a tailspin. Who is this guy? He was also referred to at the time as “King of the Moochers”. Tony was oblivious to the stress he laid out for Christine and Kody Brown with this sizable wedding at a posh country club.

Fans who want to see more of Tony Padron seem to like the drama. It’s not just Tony stirring up the pot but also how Kody reacts to him.

Sister Wives: Why Not Bring Tony Back?

When Tony’s family came to Christine’s house for dinner, Tony tells his family how lucky Kody is to have four wives who clean up after meals. Apparently Tony thinks that’s what women should do and he seems in awe that his bride’s father has four women to pick up after him.

Tony Padron also lets his soon-to-be wife know that he’s just fine with the woman taking care of their man. At the time Mykelti didn’t look too pleased with her future husband’s ideas.

But she married him and since their home or their life together isn’t featured on the show, no one knows how the Padron house runs. Sister Wives fans do know that there are no kids yet.

So what’s up with keeping Tony off the show? Kody Brown said they only film the kids if a storyline pops up. It sounds feasible because so far the adult kids only show up on the screen for weddings and births.

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