‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Son-In-Law Tony Padron Can’t Appear on Show – Why?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has a son-in-law, Tony Padron, who seemed to disappear right after saying his vows to the patriarch’s daughter. After a wedding that will go down in history for its taco debacle, Mykelti Brown Padron’s husband Tony is nowhere to be seen on the screen.

Even though Mykelti is on the series periodically, her husband doesn’t accompany her during the filming. Tony Padron infatuated the Sister Wives crowd a few seasons back as he prepared to marry Kody Brown’s daughter.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Pockets Run Deep?

Papa Brown foots the bill for his Sister Wives daughters’ weddings and Mykelti and Tony’s nuptials were no different in that aspect. But Tony’s idea of feeding the wedding guests not only added drama, it offered a bit of comedy as well.

Speaking of wedding guests, it seems Tony and Mykelti had more than the average number of people in mind. This couple wanted 400 people at their wedding which carried the theme “Mexican vintage”.

This theme brought together the two cultures, Mykelti said to the Sister Wives cameras. Mexican for Tony and vintage for the Brown family. So, keeping within the spirit of things, Tony wanted to feed them all with a taco bar.

Mind you, Tony Padron didn’t want the type of tacos his future mother-in-law made for family dinners. No, those tacos didn’t have the right hue to them, they were too white. Tony opted for the “street tacos” to feed their guests. Apparently he thought Kody Brown had deep pockets because he didn’t mind digging into them to feed hundreds of people.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Mykelti Brown Padron - Kody Brown

Tony Padron Requested A Lot of Tacos

So how many tacos do you need to feed 400 people? Tony Padron suggested that Kody and his Sister Wives family should order 10 tacos for each guest. Once you do the math, that’s 4,000 tacos for a crowd that large.

Veteran Sister Wives viewers most likely remember Kody Brown and his wives planning the reception with the woman at the catering facility. Tony talked about the tacos and the number he thought they needed to feed the 400 people they planned to invite. But as he did this it looked like Kody Brown started to deteriorate. If this were a cartoon, dollar signs and smoke would rise from the top of Kody’s head.

Later in the episode, the five Sister Wives spouses talked to the camera as they sat on the couch together. Christine Brown, the mother of the bride, said how their daughter needed to realize the expense of a wedding that size. She hoped her daughter would bring the number of guests down. Then she yells out, “that boy is outrageous,” when talking about Tony Padron.

Long-time Sister Wives followers will remember how this wedding went down. They ran out of tacos and some of the guests walked away hungry. Sister Wives adults didn’t go with Tony Padron’s recommendation of 10 tacos per guest. After watching that episode, some social media users described the food offering as sparse.

It looked like they offered nothing but tacos. Viewers’ comments suggested they were shocked not to see any side dishes for the guests. Others described the tacos as small. Fans suggested you needed more than one to make up a serving for a meal.

Sister Wives: Fans Want More of Tony But Not Happening?

Tony Padron made a splash when appearing on Sister Wives and fans often ask where he is today. Kody Brown answered that question not too long ago for fans.

He said that there’s not always a storyline to weave into the show for one of the kids. But when there is, like a wedding or a baby, they appear in the series. Then Kody said another reason Tony isn’t on the show is that he has a job, he can’t get away to spend the time needed to film for the show. Back then fans wrote in and asked what kind of job Tony Padron has that is so important it keeps him from stardom?

Well, it seems someone who knows both Mykelti and Tony well recently offered up the reason behind Tony’s absence from the show. She lives in the same town as the couple. So when the question was asked if his job was really that important, she offered up that answer to Soap Dirt.

It seems that Tony Padron’s career at a bank doesn’t allow him much time off, he is “essential” to his work. While this person didn’t share what position Tony holds within the bank, it’s important enough that he’s indispensable.

So, it appears that he’s now in a position that’s deemed too important to his bank for him to take the time off to film Sister Wives. That’s great news for Tony and Mykelti but bad news for the fans who would love to see Tony back on the screen.

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