‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Answers ‘Where is Tony Padron’ and Taco Questions

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown just answered a question about Antonio “Tony” Padron that’s been swirling around online for some time now. Where is Tony Padron today? Tony is the husband of Kody Brown and Christine Brown’s daughter Mykelti Brown Padron. So that makes Tony Padron the son-in-law of Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron Came and Went From the Show

In Sister Wives Season 12 Mykelti Brown and Tony Padron married and had a Mexican-infused wedding. From that day forward Tony’s name somehow became synonymous with street tacos. He and Mykelti wanted 400 guests and a taco bar to feed them all, this started the wedding plans off with a bang.

Sister Wives fans cringed at the time, as Tony suggested thousands of the street tacos were needed. Fans called him some less-than-stellar names after they saw him in action.

That’s because Tony Padron didn’t seem to care that the 400 people he and his bride Mykelti wanted at the wedding would be fed on Kody Brown’s dime.

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Street Tacos for 400 – Not a Problem?

The Sister Wives’ son-in-law didn’t want any tacos that weren’t authentic. He wanted the real street tacos. He thought the tacos you get at the Sister Wives household were just too white for him. Apparently, they didn’t resemble the hue that he’s accustomed to with street tacos.

With 400 people all ready for a taco bar, it’s the real thing they should get, according to the groom back then. Tony figured they need 10 tacos per person and with 400 guests, well… that 4,000 tacos.

Fans had a field day online as the Sister Wives planned the taco wedding for Tony Padron and their daughter.

Sister Wives: Kody Explains Son-In-Law’s Disappearing Act

During a podcast interview Wednesday, Kody Brown answered the question – “Where’s Tony and the tacos”? That’s a question that pops up frequently online. Mykelti Brown Padron emerges with mom Christine Brown now and then but there’s nothing new about Tony Padron.

While Kody’s answer was somewhat quick, he did give two excuses for his son-in-law not being part of the cast. The first excuse that came from the Sister Wives patriarch had to do with storylines. Kody tells the interviewer that not all his kids have a storyline for the show to follow.

So apparently Mykelti and Tony Padron aren’t very interesting these days? Then, he said something else that sounded odd, especially when talking about Tony, who fans believe behaves a bit strangely himself.

Kody said that when you have a job, it’s not easy to appear on a reality show. It’s not always the best thing you can do for your employment status. So is Tony’s job so important that a scene or two on a reality show would damage his image?

While Kody didn’t elaborate on his daughter and Tony’s life together today, he did at least address that popular question.

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