‘Sister Wives’: Did Kody Brown Bring Tony Padron Back – Gets Practice Shots In? [Pics]

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown may have given in to popular demand when it comes to his son-in-law Tony Padron and the new season of the show. Now that Kody Brown has several adult children, fans of the TLC reality series have asked why they don’t appear on the Sister Wives episodes.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Making Room For Second Generation?

Kody’s brief explanation made sense. He said that if any of the kids offer a storyline to follow they do. But without one, they don’t. That’s probably why mostly just the weddings and births make it on the show. The day to day activities of the Sister Wives second generation of adults isn’t something they film.

It seems that many of the Sister Wives fans ask about Tony Padron in particular. Tony is the husband of Mykelti Brown Padron, the daughter of Kody and Christine Brown.

So what’s the infatuation with Tony? It’s not only this Sister Wives’ son-in-law that the fans like to watch. No, the fans seem to get a kick out of the effect Tony Padron has on his father-in-law, Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron

Tony Padron Leaves Brick and Mortar Job

When fans asked online about the possibility of Tony coming back to the show one of Tony’s friends answered. It seems his job was so demanding that he couldn’t take any time off so that he could be part of the Sister Wives series. Tony had said that before as well.

But recently something changed. Tony Padron made an announcement online. He first kept the fans guessing when he said his life was about to change. He dropped this big announcement but he didn’t offer any details. So, the fans guessed, divorce, baby, new house, new job, and a bunch of other life events.

Then he came back online to say he was joining the work-from-home job force. So now that Tony’s office is his home, does that mean he and Mykelti will join her Sister Wives parents on the show?

Tony seems to be everywhere these days. He even helps Mykelti sell her LuLaRoe clothing when she does a live sale for her followers. They call it Taco Tuesday. And…  Tony eats a few tacos as he peddles the goods. It looks like he’s getting some practice in front of the camera lens these days.

Sister Wives: Will Brown Family Get Creative?

With the pandemic causing close quarters for each of the Sister Wives ladies, maybe they needed to branch out with the cameras. Mariah was one of the first to hint the new season was filming, long before Christine Brown spilled the beans.

She thanked the camera crews, who were apparently in Chicago with her and Audrey Kriss. Did they set up cameras at Mariah’s place? Maybe they did this at for Mariah and Audrey as well as Tony and Mykelti?

It would make sense to put cameras in the homes of the adult kids. This would give the Sister Wives editors much more to work with when putting the episodes together.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron - Tony Padron

Why Tony?

In real-time, Tony Padron has grown his hair long and somewhat wild with ringlets. Anyone who’s watched Sister Wives for a while knows that Kody’s hair is everything to him.

Online comparisons suggest Tony’s new hairstyle is much more dramatic than the coiffure his father-in-law is known for. So, will Sister Wives amp up a storyline around a competition of curls?

It seems Tony is a lot like Kody Brown when it comes to lack of a filter at times. Both men appear to say things in the spur of the moment that is sometimes better left unsaid. During Myketi and Tony’s wedding planning the dynamics of the Sister Wives patriarch and Tony Padron entertained the viewers.

So, maybe TLC and Kody decided to recapture some of those dynamics during a season that keeps all the family members pretty much at home.

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