‘Sister Wives’: Tony Padron Rides Kody Brown’s Fame – Comes Clean With Life Change?

Sister Wives star Tony Padron felt the heat from Kody Brown and his family’s fans over a post that sounded more life-altering than it was.

When Tony Padron said he’s starting a new chapter in life without so much as a hint as to what that was, fans called him out.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron Is Not Kody Brown

The Sister Wives followers guessed everything from a divorce pending to a baby on the way. That’s because he left this announcement open-ended. Then the TLC reality show series fans sounded frustrated with this riddle. They accused him of doing nothing more than seeking attention.

When this Brown family’s son-in-law finally posted the details of this life change, a collective moan echoed across the online world. While some Sister Wives viewers didn’t appear at all enthused, some did offer their congratulations.

It looks like Tony is giving up going to work every day, out of the house that is. He shares how he just joined those out there who work-from-home. It appears this son-in-law from Sister Wives no longer will make the journey to a brick and mortar workplace. He can now sit home in his pajamas with the keyboard at his fingertips and conduct his business.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron


Just What Is Tony’s ‘Business’?

Whatever Tony Padron does for work it keeps him away from filming the Sister Wives show. When Kody Brown was once asked why his adult children don’t appear on every season he offered up a reason.

Kody said the older kids don’t always have a storyline to film. When they marry or have kids, then the Sister Wives crews grab the cameras and follows them but that’s not always the case.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Life Change

One of Tony’s friends hopped on a Sister Wives site. She said that Tony can’t get away from work to film the show. But now that he joined the work-at-home force, maybe a change is in the works?

Supposedly Tony Padron’s job is in banking at some level. While it’s probably safe to assume he’s not a teller. That’s a position you just can’t do from home. Whatever it is, it sounds like his work is mostly on the computer. It also appears that the above post is a photo of his new at-home workspace.

Sister Wives: Fans Vent and Offer Advice

One thing that Tony Padron asked for was “advice” on making his work-at-home gig pan out. Fans seemed happy to oblige. Make it like a real workday, suggested one Sister Wives enthusiast. They also suggested a morning routine like shower and dress as if you planned to head into an outside office.

Fans weren’t too happy at first with Tony’s open-ended life change announcement. The reason so many people flocked to his site is that he’s gained fame from Kody Brown and his family. Several comments reminded Tony Padron that his fame is due to his wife’s Sister Wives status.

So after Tony got a few remarks reminding him he’s not Kody Brown, fans started rolling out the laundry list. They included what to do and what not to do when working from home.

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