‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Son-In-Law Tony Padron Now His Competition? [Pics]

Sister Wives star Kody Brown may feel a bit flattered once he gets a look at Tony Padron, the son-in-law, who fans associate with tacos. He’s head may swell just a bit once reading the comments about how fans see Tony today. Or he may see this as a bit of competition when it comes to his hair.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Found Son-In-Law Costly?

There’s something about Tony Padron that pleases the crowd of Sister Wives watchers. Whether it’s his personality, his smile, or a little bit of both, fans of this TLC series just can’t seem to get enough of him.

The Sister Wives’ son-in-law tends to walk to the beat of a different drummer. So, he sometimes demonstrates odd ways, which may also entice the fans.

Kody Brown is old school and he foots the bill for his daughters’ weddings. This included the wedding of his daughter Mykelti Brown Padron. She married Tony Padron on December 17, 2016.

This Sister Wives couple wanted things a bit different than a traditional reception for their wedding. With over 400 quests on the list, Tony wanted a taco bar to feed the crowd. The wedding guests mainly consisted of his friends and his side of the family.

At the time, Kody Brown’s soon-to-be son-in-law and Mykelti wanted a ton of tacos. They thought 10 tacos a piece for the 400 guests should be sufficient. That’s 4,000 tacos to feed the number of guests he expected.

Tony wouldn’t have the Americanized tacos. He wasn’t keen on the type of taco Christine Brown makes the Sister Wives clan for dinner.

No, he wanted street tacos, just like the kind the vendors sell off their carts. This basically was the first time Tony Padron spent a length of time on screen and the fans loved him.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Mykelti Brown Padron


Tony Padron Steals Limelight From Father-In-Law?

Sister Wives viewers frequently ask the Brown family members online if Tony Padron is will be back on the series. The answer always seems to be not at this time, but it doesn’t stop there.

People follow Tony Padron and his wife Mykelti online. Just as viewers follow Kody Brown and his four wives, many follow this couple. Lately, Tony has changed something about his looks and the fans of this younger Sister Wives husband took notice.

It seems he’s grown his hair long. It also appears that his hair forms ringlets. These curls are much like what Kody Brown sports when not having a bad hair day. With his new hairdo very noticeable, Tony gets a lot of questions lately. He’s asked by the fans if he’s growing his hair like his father-in-law, Kody Brown.

It looks like Kody Brown might have some competition now in the man-hair department. With his Kody-like ringlets, Tony Padron experiences something else like Kody. Tony is already seeing some Kody-like critics take jabs at his hair.

Is there enough room in the Sister Wives world for two men with perfect ringlets? Or will Kody take offense when he has to share the limelight with the man who wanted 4,000 tacos on Kody’s dime?

Sister Wives: Tony Padron

Sister Wives: Tony Not On Show – Real Scoop?

Fans of Sister Wives tend to find Tony Padron an interesting sort of fellow. Just look at him above at the bottom of a large hole in the rocks. Sister Wives fans would really like to see more of him but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon.

Kody Brown claims that the kids don’t always have a storyline that Sister Wives cameras will follow. He said this to explain why more of the older kids don’t show up each season. Another excuse mentioned was Tony’s new job keeping him away, as he is working at a bank and he can’t take time off to film.

With all the questions swirling online, one of Tony Padron’s friends wrote Soap Dirt to explain that Tony really can’t get away from work. Sister Wives critics have different theories as to why Tony just vanished from the TLC series.

But there are several of the biological kids from the Sister Wives family not often seen on screen. Some of the older Brown kids and even some of the younger ones don’t show up often on the show.

So, the kids that haven’t been on the show for a while probably fall under the explanation Kody offered up. As he said, if there’s no storyline going on with the kids, they don’t film. That seemed like a feasible explanation since when the older kids do show up it seems like it’s for events like weddings and births.

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