‘Sister Wives’: Tony Padron Imitates Kody Brown Ahead of New Season?

Sister Wives star Tony Padron seems ready to give Kody Brown some competition as the new season nears while things get a little wild. Four wives couldn’t tame the beast on top of Kody’s head. So it looks as if Mykelti Brown Padron doesn’t stand a chance as one wife standing alone to tame what Tony’s got going on today. He appears with his wild mane in a new photo, seen at the bottom of this article.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron & Mykelti Brown Padron Celebrate Four Years

Mykelti Brown sounds like a Sister Wives young woman whose cup runneth over with happiness today. As she wishes her husband of four years a happy anniversary. As fans suggest, it appears this couple is made for each other.

Along with celebrating an anniversary, Mykelti is at the six-month mark in her pregnancy. So, she’s got a lot to be happy about today. With Tony now working from home, it sounds as if Mykelti and her hubby will show up in the new Sister Wives season.

It also appears that Tony might have taken the opportunity of working from home to go a bit wild. Not only with his behaviors but with style as well. It seems as if the Sister Wives enthusiasts will see this first hand during the new season. It appears Mykelti and her hubby have a storyline that plays out in Sister Wives Season 15.

But when the two of them show up on the Sister Wives screen, fans should learn more of the scoop about Tony Padron’s new venture in life. So far it looks as if it centers around playing a lot of video games.

He also did a knife-throwing act recently with Mykelti in the path of that thrown knife. While he did it with technology it certainly seemed real. But she wasn’t anywhere near a knife traveling across the room after it looked as if Tony whipped it her way.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Pardon - Tony Padron

Kody Brown Comes In Last With Second Generation of Hair Remarks?

So far, it appears Kody Brown’s own sons haven’t tried the Sister Wives patriarch’s hairstyle yet. Although Gabe Brown went through a long-hair stage, he kept it neat, straight, and flowing.

Unlike Kody Brown who appeared electrified at times with his hair on Sister Wives, his boys seem to prefer the closely cropped haircut. Unless Kody wears that man-bun, more often than not, he looks as if he’s in dire need of a brush.

Before the last Sister Wives season hit the screen, Kody apologized for the look of his hair. But this up-and-coming season it looks as if his son-in-law steals the limelight for the wickedly wild coiffure. And, from what the fans know about Tony, unlike his father-in-law, he probably won’t apologize for his wild ringlets any time soon.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Mykelti Brown Padron

Sister Wives: You Just Gotta Love The Son-In-Law

Fans became mesmerized with Tony during all the wedding preparations. He took liberties that bowled Kody Brown over while planning the nuptials. He especially seemed very comfortable spending Kody’s money when inviting 400 guests and ordering 4,000 tacos to feed them.

So, fans wait to see how Tony weathered those four years since that big Sister Wives wedding. Right now all that’s known is Tony Padron makes one proud papa-to-be. Viewers also saw updates in photos as his hair took on a life of its own.

So, will Tony give his father-in-law Kody a run for his money in the Sister Wives hair department? His latest photo, seen above, shows him with Mykelti.

But his hair takes up a good area of that photo. Maybe Mykelti saw something about Tony Padron that reminded her of her dear old dad. He certainly ups the ante on wild and untamed hair.

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