‘Sister Wives’: Tony Padron Throws Knife at Mykelti to Prove Trust – Fans Not Amused

Sister Wives celeb Tony Padron concocted an exercise in trust with his pregnant wife, Mykelti Brown Padron, that has fans talking today. It’s all caught on video as Mykelti is 100 percent willing to do this. She agrees not to flinch as Tony wrangles her out of bed to practice his knife throwing.

Sister Wives: Did Mykelti Brown Padron Prove Her Trust to Tony Padron?

Needless to say, this looks extremely dangerous as he aims the knife towards this Sister Wives’ daughter’s head. But the key here is the words “looks dangerous” as that knife seemingly gets so close that Mykelti needs to duck.

Sister Wives fans caught a glimpse of this knife-throwing act and the comments started to rack up. But the comments focused on something you might not expect. The video starts off with an unseen Tony approaching Mykelti in bed. He asks her if she trusts him.

She giggles and gushes that she trusts him with all her heart and soul. Great, that’s all Tony needs to hear as now he wants her to trust him as he throws a knife at her.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron

The Pitter-Patter of Big Feet

Next, you hear a cartoon-like version of feet making a pitter-patter on the floor. The camera takes the Sister Wives viewers down a hallway and into a room. This room is huge and apparently many viewers picked up on what is hanging in massive quantities on the wall.

But… it’s time for the knife throwing. The Sister Wives son-in-law takes aim at his wife while holding a good sized knife. She sits on a stool about six-feet away from her knife-throwing husband.

Tony Padron takes aim and lets it go. Mykelti Brown Padron not only flinches, but she also bends over backward. This motion gives the impression the knife just missed this young wife from the Sister Wives brood.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Pardon - Tony Padron

Sister Wives: Tony Riles Fans – But Not From Knife-Throwing

As seen in the still shots above, Tony has a good-size knife in his hand in the first shot. He takes aim and seemingly lets it go towards Mykelti Brown Padron’s head. But other than the knife seen in his hand, it’s nowhere to be found in the still shots.

It looks like Tony Padron is using technology to offer a smoke and mirror effect for this trick. Apparently, that knife never went flying through the air.

Although it looked as if it did and even sounded that way too, the Sister Wives mother-to-be didn’t have a knife thrown at her. It appears she jolted back on cue, making this look even more real.

So why were fans so alarmed? It wasn’t the knife that got them up in arms, no it was the entire video itself. One Sister Wives enthusiast sums it up like this: Tony had a good job at the bank. That entails a salary, health insurance, and security. But he gave it up,

He apparently left a secure bank job to make videos. But from the low numbers of views he’s gathered so far, it doesn’t look very lucrative. So fans were alarmed that he picked this time in his life to quit, as their first baby is on the way.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron - Tony Padron

What About that Room?

Mykelti Brown Padron also sells a brand of clothing online like her mother, Christine Brown. Her Sister Wives’ mother, Meri Brown, also sells this clothing as well. So, those folks who follow the Sister Wives are a bit burnt out by these colorful offerings.

This video was about Tony Padron’s technology skills for knife throwing without a knife. But fans found a couple of reprimands were in line for the father-to-be who quit his job just as his family grows. They also honed in on the never-ending wall of clothes they seem to be sick of seeing.

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