‘Sister Wives’: Tony Padron Slammed for Not Considering Mykelti in Big Decision?

Sister Wives celebs Mykelti Brown Padron and hubby Tony Padron already feel the critics’ wrath even before being featured in the new season. Mykelti and Tony expect their first baby in March. It seems fans aim reprimands at this young Sister Wives couple after some recent online activity from the duo.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron Not a Kid Anymore

Since Tony and Mykelti Brown are expected as part of the new season, it seems they’ve collected more attention lately from Sister Wives followers. This young couple can probably expect the trolls and critics banging at the door. Just like Mykelti’s Sister Wives dad and four moms, adults from a reality show seem like fair game for critics.

Growing up in front of the Sister Wives cameras, Mykelti Brown and the other kids were relatively safe from online harassment. They fell under the online etiquette rule that’s clear – leave kids out of it. A few trolls might cross the line – but then they usually get called out if they target a child. But Tony Padron and his wife, Mykelti Brown, are adults today and they’re about to step into the world of a reality show.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron - Tony Padron

Mykelti’s Traveling Show Gets Thumbs Down

The problem for Sister Wives enthusiasts started when Mykelti mentioned she travels for the clothes company where she works. While doing a live sale recently, she answered questions from fans.  But when they found out she was traveling and not at home, the critics went to work on her.

They started hassling her about selling clothes and traveling while pregnant. Especially with the COVID-19 virus still running rampant today. But that didn’t last all that long. Instead, the Sister Wives daughter’s hubby caught the blame. Kody Brown’s son-in-law suddenly became their target. This happened as soon as a fan mentioned Tony Padron’s new job.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron

Sister Wives: What Was Tony Padron Thinking?

This young couple isn’t new at criticism from fans. They got a little taste of the online lashing as they planned their wedding on Sister Wives. Back then, fans chastised Tony Padron over his tacos. But it didn’t last long. The wedding put the fans in awe of the groom, Tony Padron, and his bride, Mykelti Brown Padron.

All was forgotten as the couple drifted off into the Sister Wives’ newlywed sunset. But recently Tony Padron quit his job at the bank and launched a new career. At first, he didn’t say what it was but offered hints. He dropped a line about a big surprise coming. Many fans thought Tony was about to announce a baby on the way for him and Mykelti.

But no, this turned out to be his announcement on his new job. The Sister Wives pregnancy announcement came later. Instead, Tony said his new workplace was his home. So, Tony quit the bank in lieu of a gig that allowed him to work from home. But he couldn’t say more about his new as his new employer had a strict rule on discussing work on social media.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Tony Padron

Fans Lower the Boom

It appears Tony’s new job didn’t stay under wraps for too long. It looks like the Sister Wives son-in-law quit his lucrative bank job to become a video game streamer. Now, his goal is to be at the top of his game online. But fans think Tony Padron made a foolish move quitting his job just as they start to grow their family.

They also blame him for Mykelti needing to travel and sell online. So, the heat is no longer on Mykelti. Instead, fans seem peeved at Tony. However, he said he felt he grew dull and was going nowhere in the banking job. So, it seems Mykelti Brown Padron and her husband Tony Padron should adjust to dealing with viewer criticism before the new season debuts.

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