‘Sister Wives’: Tony and Mykelti Filming – Will They Pull Show Out of Slump?

Sister Wives stars Mykelti Brown Padron and Tony Padron answered some fan quesrions and dropped hints about a new season.

The questions were mostly about the new baby on the way. But the couple’s answers pointed to the extended shelf life of the Sister Wives show.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron Along With Tony Padron Offer Clues?

Veteran fans of the Sister Wives series know how interesting this show once was. But viewers who only tuned in for the last few seasons might find themselves confused. Some fans suggest the topic of this show looks like a guy with four wives who likes to move a lot.

It appears as if this young couple with a baby on the way has found their way back to the Sister Wives show. It also sounds as if there’s another Sister Wives season already planned. So fans may have at least two more seasons to look forward to.

Some of the viewers think Mykelti Brown and Tony Padron might just do the trick. Fans see this couple bringing the series out of its doldrums. But not just because their family grows. No, it’s more about the friction once seen between Kody Brown and his son-in-law Tony Padron.

Sister Wives fans never forgot about that 4,000 taco request. They also remember what the wedding planning did to Kody.

Still, the powers-that-be at TLC offer nothing official but this is the usual case. It seems a member of the Sister Wives clan mentions news long before TLC gets around to it.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Mykelti Brown Padron

In Between the Lines of Questions and Answers…

As Mykelti Brown sold clothes during an online sale for the brand she represents, the couple answered questions from viewers. So, what did the Sister Wives followers learn besides this couple is ecstatic to be expecting a baby?

The baby’s due date is sometime in March 2021. Fans also learned that Mykelti knew she pregnant for about 2-months.

Both Tony Padrone and his pregnant wife Mykelti hope that their firstborn child is a girl. But when it comes to kids, this is just the start of things to come for this Sister Wives young couple.

It seems Mykelti Brown wants seven kids but Tony sees himself as a father of only three. Maybe they’ll compromise and settle for the pitter-patter of little feet for four or five Padron kids.

Mykelti also said that she battles morning sickness with her first pregnancy. She also divulged that she hasn’t had an ultrasound on the baby yet.

While talking in between trying to entice sales, fans also learned that the couple is in Salt Lake City. They took a trip there to visit Aspyn Brown Thompson and her husband Mitch Thompson. This way they could tell Mykelti’s Sister Wives sibling and brother-in-law the good news in person.

The Sister Wives mom-and-dad-to-be also shared just how happy Kody Brown is today at the thought of having another grandchild. This makes number three on the way for Kody Brown and his co-wives. Mykelti Brown is the biological daughter of Christine Brown and Kody.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron

Sister Wives: TLC Takes Hold Of Conversations Moving Forward

So, it seems Tony Padron and his wife Mykelti Brown find themselves featured on Sister Wives once again. The couple confirmed this is the case, as they said the show is filming her pregnancy.

While they joked around a bit saying that no one will guess the baby names they picked out, they also offered up some serious info. Such as, Mykelti plans to follow in the Sister Wives tradition and have a home birth.

Since the couple will be part of the TLC reality series, the questions now get a bit harder to answer. They did confirm that the Sister Wives cameras will roll and follow Mykelti’s pregnancy. But now sharing info comes with roadblocks.

They don’t know the baby’s gender as of yet. But still, once they do find out they may not be able to share the news right away. Yes, this couple conveys that they can only share the baby’s gender when TLC says they can.

So, it sounds as if Mykelti Brown along with Tony Padron have one of those non-disclosure contracts guiding their words already.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron

Ho-Hum Housing Drama Gone – Now Competition Takes Hold?

With fan-favorite Tony Padron coming onboard Sister Wives, Kody gets some competition. Tony is a step-up kind of guy, which fans remember all to well from his wedding planning days. He has a tendency to take charge at times.

Kody will always be the Sister Wives patriarch with his four wives and 18 kids. But if he ever knocks heads with a son-in-law, Tony will most likely be the one.

The competition fans also buzz about is the hair. Before Tony showed up online with a bush of hair, Kody Brown had little competition from any guy or even a woman on the TLC reality series.

Tony Padron’s ringlets and frizz outdo Kody’s mane even on Papa Brown’s worst hair days. So, it looks like Kody’s days of having the most-talked-about Sister Wives hairstyle are coming to an end. Or at least he’ll be in completion for hair-mentions from fans.

Fans look forward to the housing drama fading away. In its place, they predict some of that same kind of drama surfacing, like in the days of Tony’s taco wishes.

It looks like Tony Padron is about to liven things up for the Sister Wives TLC series. At least in one season but with the baby not due until March, fans hope this means at least two more seasons of this popular reality show.

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