‘Sister Wives’: Mykelti Reveals Baby Is a Girl as Fans Swat at Tony

Sister Wives young couple Mykelti Brown Padron and Tony Padron reveal their baby is a girl but some fans take shots at the father-to-be. Mykelti told fans a while back that they couldn’t reveal the baby’s gender when they first found out. That’s due to a nondisclosure clause in their contract. It seems Tony Padron and the new-mom-to-be plan to take part in the next Sister Wives season.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron and Hubby Tony Padron Employment

Since the Sister Wives’ parents-to-be revealed that their baby on the way is a girl they probably got the go-ahead from TLC. Mykelti said a while back how she hoped the baby is a girl. Tony Padron said his wife was right, she kept saying they were having a daughter. Now reports indicate the new Sister Wives season features this couple’s baby journey.

At one point, Tony couldn’t film with the Sister Wives show due to his job at the bank. Then he quit that position and took a new job which allows him to work from home. Because his new employer made him sign an agreement that he wouldn’t talk about his gig on social media, Tony remained mum on just what his new job entails.

Well, it seems that it finally surfaced and Sister Wives fans now know what Tony Padron does for work today. This brings us to the part where fans hopped online to shake a finger or two at the expectant father.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Mykelti Brown Padron

Tony Taking Leap of Faith With New Gig?

First of all, Mykelti Brown Padron seems to travel a lot for her online job of selling clothes. Now that she’s pregnant, fans of the Sister Wives show tend to worry about what she’ll expose herself to during these travels. They especially worry about the COVID-19 virus.

Then, the Sister Wives viewers, who know about this type of employment that Tony Padron landed, shared how it doesn’t pay much at first. They’ve also claimed that you don’t make much income until you become very good at it. So what is Tony doing?

Reports indicate he quit his job to become a video game streamer. It sounds like his goal is to become top in his game. Fans worry Mykelti works harder now by traveling for her job to pick up the slack in income while Tony Padron starts his video streaming future.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron - Mykelti Brown Padron



Sister Wives: Tony Padron Lambasted By Fans

Some fans commented about Tony Padron quitting a lucrative job at a bank just as their family starts to grow. They also blame him for Mykelti Brown Padron’s seemingly full schedule for selling attire online and the travel that goes along with it.

But, fans need to take into consideration that TLC pays pretty good. At one point the Sister Wives five adults each raked in a salary of $180,000 per season. What the adult kids make from TLC by way of a salary is unknown. But Tony and Mykelti should get some type of salary for their place on the show.

So, maybe Tony and Mykelti may be just fine today financially. There’s a plus side to this for Mykelti Brown Padron as well. Tony will be home when the baby comes and able to help Mykelti as a new mom. Just maybe this is a well-thought-out move on Tony Padron’s part, paving the way to be a hands-on-dad.

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