‘Sister Wives’: Tony Padron Erects New Toy in Living Room – Mykelti Plays Along

Sister Wives stars Tony Padron and Mykelti Brown Padron look like they’re getting things in order around the house ahead of the new season. It’s not known if the cameras got over to their home as of yet. But the Sister Wives film crew will have them in focus at one time or another. It seems Mr. and Mrs. Pardon are slated to share their baby journey in the next season.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron and Tony Padron Gear Up?

Mykelti Brown Padron shared a bit of information regarding her and Tony filming the TLC reality series. The plan calls to feature this Sister Wives’ daughter’s first pregnancy and the baby’s birth on the show.

Mykelti and her hubby Tony Padron recently revealed they expect a baby girl. But they claimed several days before this reveal how they couldn’t offer the baby’s gender until they got the nod from TLC. It looks like a case of another nondisclosure clause.

So, it appears the parents-to-be will brighten up the screen as they did during previous Sister Wives episodes. Veteran viewers can’t forget all the shenanigans around their wedding planning. Watching Kody Brown and Tony Padron play off each other adds another avenue for entertainment value as well.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron - Tony Padron

What’s Tony Padron Up To Now?

In the last few weeks, Tony Padron and his Mrs. seem more active online. It appears Tony Padron left a secure job at a bank to work from home streaming videos. While that news went over like a lead balloon for many Sister Wives fans, he looks as if he really enjoys this.

Sister Wives followers shook their virtual finger at Tony when they heard he quit his job. They reprimanded the taco-loving husband for leaving a position at a bank that usually pays good and most likely offers health insurance.

It wasn’t so much that Tony Padron quit that ruffled fans’ feathers. No, it was the timing that bothered the Sister Wives enthusiasts. Tony left his job as the couple expects their first child. This is usually a time in your life that security means more than following your own dreams.

But it looks like Mykelti Brown is all on board with her Sister Wives hubby’s new gig. She made a clip of Tony Padron installing his “new toy” in the living room.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron Sets Up Green Screen

Sister Wives: This Couple Sees Green

In the photo above, Tony Padron installs a green screen, according to Mykelti Brown. But to the Sister Wives watchers, who’ve already checked out this photo, it doesn’t look like much. Viewers of the show add comments suggesting it looks like nothing more than a green sheet or blanket.

Even if Tony’s green screen is nothing more than a bed-sheet, he’s going after his dream. From the way Mykelti sounds as she captures her hubby’s installation, she’s just fine with it all.

You can’t say the Sister Wives’ son-in-law is without talent and skill. He’s already put up a few videos featuring his wife Mykelti that has fans talking The critiques from his fan base give him thumbs up across the board.

Mykelti Brown does a wild dance in one of Tony’s clips while her arm floats around and snaps into place. Then in another, Tony throws a knife at her as a circus performer would. He also has two images of Mykelti in one clip that’s set to some eerie-sounding music. She drops a ball from her mouth into the mouth of her image below her.

He sets these videos to some wild music. So he not only has a good eye for creativity but an ear as well. It sounds as if the expectant father has some more tricks up his sleeve with his new green screen.

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