‘Sister Wives’: Mykelti and Tony Padron Use Prop to Reveal Baby’s Gender?

Sister Wives stars Mykelti Brown Padron and hubby Tony Pardon announced a baby is on the way but they may have revealed the gender as well. In their typical clever fashion, these two released a few photos that seem to indicate a hint to the baby’s gender. But since they didn’t say that, you have to decipher what their picture is suggesting.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron & Tony Padron Hint to a Baby Boy?

First, the Sister Wives‘ son-in-law, Tony, looks as if he holds a pair of his shoes out in front of the couple. Then this son-in-law from the TLC reality series holds the same pair but in a baby’s size. Uhmmm… what is Tony Padron saying? Is his beautiful young wife Mykelti carrying a baby boy? Or is this just wishful thinking for Tony?

So are the soon-to-be-parents throwing a hint out there that they’re expecting a baby boy? If not, what’s going on with the display of big and small shoes? Then again, it could just be Tony’s showing his sense of humor.

According to medical resources, a baby’s gender is detectable as early as 11-weeks of pregnancy. Usually, the second ultrasound done at about 18 weeks can be used to determine the baby’s gender. Since Mykelti revealed the baby’s due date is in March, she falls on the early cusp of the timeline. So maybe this is just Tony Padron’s wishful thinking.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron - Tony Padron

The Sister Wives married children don’t seem to follow in the footsteps of Kody Brown and his wives. While in their childbearing years, Kody’s wives produced baby after baby. Meri Brown tried but she was blessed with only one biological child.


Go Forth and Multiply Mykelti & Tony Padron

During those years it seemed as if Christine Brown and Janelle Brown took turns having babies. With several of their adult children married or living with their significant others, only one had children right away. That’s Maddie Brown Brush, who is married to Celeb Brush.

Maddie didn’t wait too long to have Axel Brush. Then little Evie was born just a few years after their son. So far, Maddie is the only Brown child to give the Sister Wives family grandchildren. But that’s now changed with Mykelti and Tony Padron’s great news.

Mykelti Brown is the biological daughter of Kody and Christine Brown. She married her taco-loving husband four years ago, in 2016. So they waited for some time before having a baby. Years ago, Kody continued to have a slew of kids despite times being tough financially. Yes, his money woes have been around for decades.

But it looks like his older children did a bit more planning than he did. While Aspyn Brown Thompson has been married to Mitch Thompson for over two years now, there are no announcements coming from them as of yet. So it seems the older Brown kids’ family planning includes waiting a while before going forth and multiplying.

Brown Patriarch With Third Wife Christine

Kody Brown Gets Competition?

The Sister Wives followers seem to love Tony Pardon. But Tony and Mykelti seemed to slip away after their wedding. Although the Sister Wives patriarch did offer an excuse once when he was asked by fans why they’re not on the series. He said that the reality series features the Brown adult kids if something is going on in their lives. That includes the weddings and births the Sister Wives viewers got to see in recent seasons.

So, it looks like Mykelti and her husband Tony Pardon have a storyline. Hopefully, that means the new season will feature this young Sister Wives husband and wife.

Have you got a look at Tony’s hairstyle lately? He is going to give his father-in-law some competition. It won’t just be Kody’s hair fans will be eyeing if Tony Padron and Mykelti show up in the new Sister Wives season. No, Tony has the edge on ringlets these days.

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