‘Sister Wives’: Tony Padron Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before [Pic]

Sister Wives celeb Tony Padron very rarely pops up but when he does people take notice because he’s such a character on TLC’s reality series. So When his wife, Mykelti Brown Pardon, needs a little extra oomph in her sales, it looks like she turns to hubby Tony Pardon.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron Offers Grandma Outfit?

New pictures of Kody Brown’s son-in-law are few and far between. This Sister Wives’ young couple is off doing their own thing. So, it’s not unusual to see some type of change in Tony when new photos surface. The screenshot below from Mykelti’s online sale pretty much falls under Tony’s made a change category.

Sister Wives enthusiasts couldn’t help themselves but compare the item Tony Padron is attempting to sell to their grandmother’s moo-moo. Then there was a bunch of comments talking about the shirt looking like an old fashion shirt apron – another grandma item.

But the comments coming from the Sister Wives fans mostly revolve around Tony Padron himself. Once you take a gander at the picture below, you will probably understand why.

Sister Wives: Tony Padron

Awkard 15-Year-Old Girl Or 45-Year-Old Barfly

Yes, that’s Tony, but some fans didn’t realize this at first glance. So, some rather nasty comments slip onto the social media post that holds Tony’s photo above. One Sister Wives commenter couldn’t make up their mind. “He looks like an awkward 15-year-old girl. Or a 45-year-old barfly. I can’t decide.”

A number of comments suggested he looks like a girl with that flowing head of hair of his. Some followers of Sister Wives thought that he might be wearing a wig.

Maybe he’s giving some hair competition to the Sister Wives patriarch. You have to admit, that’s quite the hairdo. But whatever Tony is doing today, just a quick glimpse at one of his new photos usually stirs up a boatload of comments.

It looks like Tony Padron is taking a page from his father-in-law’s book. Kody Brown has been known to jump in and help his wives sell their items on live sales. He has two Sister Wives entrepreneur ladies, Meri Brown and Christine Brown and in the past, he’s jumped in front in front of the camera to entice a few sales.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron - Tony Padron

Sister Wives: Mykelti Got Short End of the Stick Debate

Watching Tony Padron on this live sales stream conjured up some debates between the Sister Wives viewers. Tony was a bit into himself during the episodes around his wedding to Mykelti. Many saw Tony in action during his early days on the Sister Wives series and took a dislike to the guy.

But it seems they just disappeared from the show once they tied the knot. The newlywed couple emerges once in a while, like when the family went out to Flagstaff looking for building lots.

One follower said that if she were Christine and Mykelti brought Tony Padron home as her future husband, she’d have something to say. She would try and help her daughter find someone else. Others agreed but some did say that Tony seems to treat Mykelti really good. They also said that this Sister Wives daughter looks really happy.

So, it seems as if fans of the Sister Wives reality series get another quick look at Tony Padron today and he’s looking a bit different. His face looks much thinner than usual. Since you don’t get to see all of him, you don’t know if he’s thinned-out all around. But there’s Tony today and he looks very helpful to his wife while he attempts to rustle up some sales.

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