‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Shares Screen with Son-in-Law Tony in New Season

Sister Wives star Kody Brown shares the screen this new season with Tony Padron, his son-in-law, and soon to be dad of Kody’s grandchild. Fans of the TLC series remember what happened last time Tony scored some airtime alongside Kody.

Tony is Mykelti Brown Padron’s husband and a man who viewers did not think would be around too long after they were married. It seems Tony stunned the usually insightful Sister Wives fans. Especially since they just celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary in December.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Tony Padron Create Friction

When Kody Brown and Tony Padron first graced the screen together for any length of time, he wanted to marry Kody Brown’s daughter. From then it went on to a Sister Wives wedding planning event.

Friction between Mykelti’s two favorite men was alive and well during that time. Many of the fans didn’t like Tony and they thought he wasn’t long for the world of Sister Wives. Some suggested the parents create a prom-like party for Mykelti. They believed that she was just in love with the idea of getting married on the heels of her sister’s wedding. They felt a party would do the trick and she’d be satisfied to wait on marriage.

When Mykelti and Tony Padron announced they have a baby on the way last year, they also said her pregnancy would play out in the new Sister Wives season. Fans immediately went back to the days when Tony was introduced to the family. Some cooled down when it comes to Tony but others are betting on Tony banging heads with his Sister Wives’ father-in-law.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron - Tony Padron

Kody Brown Unwillingly Shares His Wallet

Back in the day when Tony Padron helped plan the wedding, he acted a bit too entitled for the Sister Wives fans. At one point, the way this future son-in-law behaved raised some eyebrows as he designed his wedding with Mykelti.

He didn’t seem to mind overspending for his bride. The only problem was he didn’t spend his money. Instead, he spent Kody’s money like it was his own. This left Kody looking really stressed out.

Viewers got on Kody Brown at the time for not putting his foot down. Many thought by the Sister Wives father paying for this wedding he was only enabling a fantasy for Mykleti. No one thought it would last. Boy did these two fool them all. They seem like the happiest couple to ever show up on a TV screen.

Both Mykelti and Tony seem a bit immature at times with their playfulness. They are naming the baby after Mykelti’s first car, a Toyota Avalon. Their baby girl’s name is already picked out – Avalon. They are both excited as they look forward to this baby.

Maybe even a bit over-excited as they seemed to bypass the infant stage in their nursery. Instead, they set it up as if the baby is already a toddler, as seen in the photo below.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron - Tony Padron nursery

Sister Wives: That Was Then, This is Now?

After more than four years together and a baby due in March, this couple seem made for one another. This seems to be the consensus among their Sister Wives followers. So, how will Kody react to Tony Padron this time around?

Die-hard Sister Wives viewers probably remember all the questions Kody Brown had for the men his daughters married before he gave his blessing. He doled out his Sister Wives’ tips on marriage. They came from his own experience with his four marriages to his four wives.

Now that Mykelti and Tony expect their first baby will Kody offer his tips on child-rearing? After all, this is the Sister Wives father of 18. But when Kody threw out tips and suggestions to Tony for their wedding planning, Tony mowed right over him.

Will Tony Padron be attentive to the baby tips, if Kody Brown offers any? Or maybe he’s already set in the way he and Mykelti want to do things? Fans bank on Tony holding his own with his father-in-law this new season.

The father-in-law and his son-in-law now have something else in common. Tony Padron’s hair might take over where Kody’s left off. It looks like the father-to-be grew a mop on top of his head since he last showed up on the series.

Watch Sister Wives roll out their first episode of the new season Sunday night, February 14 at 10 pm EST. Come back to Soap Dirt for all of the latest on this TLC reality series.