‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Still Doesn’t Act His Age After Show Skips a Week

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown admitted that he acted immaturely and although he fesses up to this, it looks like he does the same in the next episode. Papa Brown and his four wives will be missed this Sunday night when fans tune in to TLC and they’re nowhere to be found.

Viewers watched last week as Kody Brown looked somewhat defeated. But things don’t look much better when the next Sister Wives episode.

So if they attempt to tune in this week to Sister Wives and catch the fallout from Kody’s behaviors, they’ll find it’s a week too early. The previews for the next episode might entice fans back but the next new episode is still a week away.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Continues His Immature Behavior

Sister Wives is one of the many shows to take a week off due to Super Bowl Sunday. So, viewers need to wait another week before fans get to see Kody continue with his immature behavior.

Last week even Meri had concerns about her shared-husband. She said, “I’m really concerned he’s going to look like an idiot”. Does Kody Brown live up to his Sister Wives’ spouse’s concern in the next episode?

The Sister Wives patriarch didn’t come up against an argument after suggesting he behaved immaturely. He said this at the end of the episode last week.

Still, you’d be hard-pressed to find people on social media to disagree with Kody Brown on that statement. But he’s not done yet, as fans will see in the upcoming Sister Wives installment when he still attempts to get his own way.

How Far Does Kody Go In Next New Episode?

The Sister Wives previews show Kody Brown with his four wives around the television set. For this presentation, it looks like the rest of the family is missing. Kody Brown gets pushback from Robyn Brown about all four wives under one roof and how awkward that would be.

Robyn appears very apprehensive, but not only about the house. It seems she has worries about plural marriage as well. It might be the TLC editing that makes it sound that way. But she talks about how everyone has the right to get out of a marriage. Then adds – even Kody.

Also in the next episode, if love is in the air – it’s hiding in the Sister Wives Valentine’s Day scene. This February 14 holiday with Kody Brown and his co-wives looks anything but romantic. Kody doles out flower arrangements to his wives. But this scene seems to lack any personal touch from Kody toward his wives.

Sister Wives: Victim of Sporting Event

Much to the disappointment of the viewers, Sister Wives skips a week. Kody Brown’s reality show won’t air a new episode Sunday, February 2. Instead, a new episode rolls out next week on February 9. It’s that Super Bowl time of year again and viewers tend to head to the big game on their TV set.

Last year this sports event pulled in 98.2 million viewers. The 2015 Super Bowl captured 114.4 million viewers as the most-watched to date. So competing with Super Bowl is something many networks shy away from and they opt for reruns instead.

Tune in Sunday, February 9. when TLC rolls out the next new episode of Sister Wives.

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