‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Slips – Exposes Private Nighttime Matter?

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown seems to have roadblocks all around him these days and it also appears that they come in all different sizes. For some reason, it looks like fans become more privy to the private side of Sister Wives this season. Especially after Kody Brown summed up his nighttime problems on camera during the last episode.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Opens Mouth – Inserts Foot?

Fans of the Sister Wives show got to see Kody and his fourth wife, Robyn Brown, interact with their kids on Sunday night’s show. He said a few embarrassing things while talking to the kids about moving from the rental home that they needed to vacate.

Sometimes Kody’s sense of humor seems to mirror what you might expect from an adolescent boy. In this recent Sister Wives case, which Robyn dubbed “silly,” Kody tried to lighten up the atmosphere in the room. Robyn’s five kids, Dayton Brown, Aurora Brown, Breanna Brown, Solomon Brown, and Ariella Brown were all there.

The two little ones didn’t seem to care very much about the family’s new relocation dilemma. But the three teens weren’t happy as this meant another upheaval for them.

Goes Over Like a Lead Balloon

Kody attempted a joke but it didn’t go over very well. When talking about finding a house big enough for the eight of them, he jokingly suggested the two teen girls share a bedroom with their older brother.

You could tell this made Robyn uncomfortable, calling it just “silly” on Kody’s part. Then the Sister Wives patriarch attempted to push that aside with another joke, but this time he might have spilled too much information.

Kody asks the two teen girls how they would like to share a room with their toddler sister, Ariella. This, he said, will let their mom and he finally break free. Breanna immediately says, “but you guys are the parents, you choose this.” Ahh… from the mouths of babes.

Sister Wives: Toddler Restricts Freedom When Night Falls?

Kody Brown then tells the Sister Wives cameras that he could use the break from Ariella but she “can’t use the break from me and mom”. It sounds like the youngest Sister Wives child sleeps with mom and dad. Why else would Kody attempt to find her sibling roommates?

Whether or not Kody Brown meant to air out his private nighttime arrangements, he did. It sounds as if he wants to set himself and Robyn Brown free from their third little person who sleeps with them at night. But as Breanna said, they’re the parents and this is what comes along with that title.

Not many teenagers would want to bunk with a toddler if given a chance. So is Ariella holding Kody Brown and Robyn Brown back from a little bit of freedom when night falls?

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