‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Cookie Crumbles in the Most Peculiar Way?

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown found something online that strikes his fancy and it has to do with who is eating whose cookies. As strange as this may sound, the video clip does seem to pass along a message.

It seems Kody Brown equates this message with his Sister Wives world. So he posted it online to share with the fans of the Sister Wives series.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Loves This Story – But Why?

This is a story that Kody Brown says he loves. The Sister Wives patriarch also thinks the message this story conveys falls in place for anyone who is about to judge someone else.

It seems the story Kody Brown is enamored with starts with a guy stuck waiting for a flight. So, this dude goes into a bakery and buys some cookies to eat while he waits.

Then he finds himself a table and sits down to read. As he turns the pages he reaches for a cookie out of the package on the table in front of him. He then notices the guy, who is a stranger, sitting across the table from him. This stranger grabs a cookie from the same package.

The Sister Wives father of 18 thinks this sends a good message regarding judging someone too quickly. So when the guy becomes aggravated at this stranger eating his cookies you find yourself waiting for that punch line.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Robyn Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Janelle Brown

A Lesson Learned Thanks to Kody Brown?

The message of this story doesn’t surface just yet. But the stranger continues to eat the cookies from the package. Then there’s one cookie left. It appears this hit home for the Sister Wives husband of four.

This is when the man who purchased the cookies becomes peeved over this guy’s brazen attitude. That’s because the stranger takes the last cookie, breaks it in two and offers the guy half.

Now, mind you, every time the guy looks up from his reading, this cookie-munching stranger smiles at him. The guy did accept half of the last cookie offered by the stranger. But he’s a bit peeved as it was his cookie – or so he thought. Once the last cookie is gone, that smiling cookie-snatcher gets up and leaves.

Bowled over by the gall this stranger after he devoured his cookies, the guy also gets up to leave. As he gathers his belongings, the man finds his full carton of cookies underneath his jacket where he originally put them. Next comes the climax of the story the Sister Wives dad of 18 shared with his followers.

Now, this guy is mortified. The stranger wasn’t eating this guy’s cookies – he was the one eating the stranger’s cookies. It seems that the smiling stranger sat down with his own package of cookies.

It looks like the stranger had no problem with the guy eating his cookies, actually making this guy feel ashamed. The guy neglected to see the stranger put his package of cookies on the table because he was reading at the time the stranger sat down.

Sister Wives: Hold-Off On Judgement?

Kody seems to compare this with all the judging going on right now from fans. While TLC airs scenes from the daily life of the Sister Wives clan, they don’t show everything.

The finger of blame points to Kody Brown across the Sister Wives online world. Starting with the move to Flagstaff. Many of the problems that popped up since moving to Arizona are also blamed on the Sister Wives’ shared husband.

People blame Kody now that two of his wives need to leave their rental homes. It seems they think he moved to Flagstaff unprepared. Especially since one of the Sister Wives women needed to move twice from the homes she’s rented in Arizona.

Kody Shoulders the Blame?

In the last Sister Wives episode, Aurora Brown suffered a panic attack. This happened after she heard about their pending relocation.

Kody Brown caught the blame for that as well in comments online. But he claims fans didn’t have all the info. So they made their judgments over what they saw on Sister Wives. Is this video his way of suggesting people jumped to conclusions too quickly?

It could be the argument that her Sister Wives’ parents had in front of her that caused her stress along with the pending move. It seems like Kody gets the blame for that as well from some Sister Wives viewers.

So maybe Kody Brown sees himself as the stranger really eating his own cookies? He is doing nothing wrong yet this guy thinks he is. Is this how Kody sees the fans judging him lately?

It sounds like Kody Brown wants the followers of Sister Wives to take a long hard look at those cookies before passing judgment.

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