Sister Wives: Kody Brown Fans Spot Activity On Coyote Pass Flagstaff Property

Sister Wives fans finally spotted movement on Kody Brown‘s Coyote Pass property in Flagstaff after it sat dormant since their big move. Reports from eyewitnesses indicate multiple U-Haul-like trucks now sitting on the Flagstaff land that’s owned by Kody Brown and his four wives. These vehicles remain parked on the land where the family eventually intends to build their home or homes.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Property – Trucks Roll-In and Park

While the trucks suddenly litter the landscape of the Sister Wives properties, no details emerge as to any plans. But that doesn’t stop the theories from running wild online about Kody Brown and his wives.

Recent reports indicate that Kody Brown’s wife Robyn Brown’s rental home sold. So a suggestion is made that maybe the trucks contain her home’s belongings. At least that’s one way to cut expenses on storage.

Another possibility also emerges – the trucks might belong to the Sister Wives production crew. A couple of Kody Brown’s family members confirmed that the TLC show is filming another season. So maybe the production crew for the Sister Wives is getting ready to film them breaking ground on the Brown family’s new houses or one mega-house.

But that too raises questions about the Sister Wives living arrangements. You can bank on the Brown fam followers having eyes on any movement on that land. People will watch for the number of homes about to go up. Will the land finally hold one huge foundation for one big house or will they pour four slabs for individual houses on Kody’s land?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown – Privacy Every Fourth Night?

Last season ended with a couple of cliffhangers and one had to do with Kody Brown’s single huge home. He had blueprints drafted for a monstrous dwelling that would house all the Sister Wives spouses and offspring. Kody’s creation came with four different apartment-like sections.

Kody Brown indicated to the draftsperson that he wanted his wives’ bedrooms far away from each other. It seems he did this to assure privacy for his four wives during his every fourth-night visit. That is if that schedule is still intact.

But if the vans rolled in expecting to film the building of the Sister Wives homes, that might be jumping the gun a bit. According to reports, as of September 5, 2019, there’s no building permits for the property yet.

Sister Wives Own It – So Why Not Use Coyote Pass?

Maybe the Sister Wives filming crew don’t plan on rolling the cameras for the erection of the Brown’s humble abode. But they could be setting up for a family outing. Earlier reports indicated landlords banned filming at two of Kody Brown’s wives’ rental homes. So apparently filming obstacles popped up.

To film the family all in one place, maybe the crew will use the land for a Sister Wives gathering. Who knows, maybe Mariah Brown and Audrey Kris will tie the knot on that land.

It seems no one knows the story behind those trucks parked on the Brown family’s Flagstaff plot of land. But you can be sure the die-hard fans plan to keep on eye on any movement.

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