‘Sister Wives’: Final Ode to Kody Brown’s Hair [Video]

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is known for many things but it’s probably his hair that gets the most attention when it comes to his features. Kody’s hairdo offered quite the controversy this season. But it’s been going on since the TLC reality show first aired. It’s almost like what Kody Brown has on top of his head has a life of its own.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Coiffure Always a ‘Thing’

The network got the Sister Wives women together back in 2011 to create a video – Ode to Kody Brown’s Hair. In the video, it’s apparent that the Brown patriarch enjoys the attention his hair gets. While he’s worn it long for the majority of his time on the Sister Wives show, this season it seemed to cause more controversy than ever.

Kody styled his hair in a few different ways this season. It often looked wild in scenes. One look that caused a lot of comments to emerge was his man bun. While a handful of people liked the look, it appeared the majority did not. Many requested that he do away with it.

Field Day With Kody’s Many Hairstyles

Kody Brown’s mane of curls has been compared to many things in the past, much like the post above. He doesn’t seem to care that people poke fun at his locks. At the beginning of the season, the patriarch hopped online to apologize for the way his hair looked.

Furthermore, he offered up a warning to his Sister Wives fans. He made sure to tell them that his hair only looks worse as the season continued. In the slideshow below you can get a glimpse at Kody’s hair in various stages of a hairstyle.

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Almost a Decade of Kody Hair Comments Online

Apparently, when Sister Wives first came on the scene back in 2010, Kody’s hair created such a buzz that TLC put together a video. The wives adored the way Kody primped when it came to his hair. From blow drying it to towel drying his mane of hair, it’s all in the video below.

But as the season’s progressed, his hairline receded and what once looked good, looked a bit wilder today, according to the fans. Still, Kody Brown worked with what he had. The patriarch shaved the sides of his head and either cropped up a ponytail or the man bun. It didn’t look too bad down, as long as he wasn’t in the wind.




Sister Wives: Will This Be The Final Farewell to Kody Brown Mop of Hair?

For almost a decade, Kody Brown critics and fans alike have commented on his mop top. According to his Sister Wives spouses and friends, he takes about an hour each day using a hair diffuser to create his coiffure.

So far there’s nothing official about Sister Wives cancellation or renewal for another season. It looks like they need another season if the rumors about the Brown family financially strapped ring true. If by chance this is their last season, this is also the last ode to the patriarch’s hair.

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