‘Sister Wives’: Meri and Kody Brown Enjoy Second Honeymoon Phase Polygamy Style

Sister Wives star Kody Brown appears to enjoy a second honeymoon with Meri Brown but with the other three wives along as well. So whatever is going on, the women look pleased. Just as Kody Brown does in the new online pictures.

It wasn’t that long ago when in the Sister Wives “Tell All” segment, Meri Brown got somewhat frisky with her shared husband. But people thought it was a ploy. Many fans hopped online to say they felt duped. They thought the TLC reality show wasn’t showing the reality of the Brown Family. But maybe they were.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Spouses Mending Marriage with Meri Brown?

Some Sister Wives fans thought behaviors between Kody Brown and his first wife looked carefully orchestrated. The buzz online indicated it looked like a scheme to entice the network into another season. That’s if the official word of one suddenly materializes. But that hasn’t happened yet. Nothing has come down from the higher-ups at TLC. So far, they haven’t said whether Sister Wives will be renewed or canceled.

The women of Sister Wives stepped out over the weekend with Kody Brown to celebrate a milestone birthday. And they did so looking genuinely thrilled. The pictures appear from two different restaurants where they rang in Janelle Brown’s 50 years on this Earth. In the recent past, a birthday outing for one of the wives usually consisted of dinner alone with Kody Brown. Just maybe, times are changing as this family works on keeping things together.

Fivesome Instead of Duo Celebration

The patriarch snapped a picture with Meri on her birthday back in January. Kody Brown took her out as a couple, not as a fivesome like they did this weekend for Janelle’s special day. Maybe Janelle opted for all five to celebrate together as her part to help mend this Sister Wives plural marriage. Whatever the reason, it appeared the five Brown adults spending time together put some genuine-looking smiles on all their faces.

Many fans thought during the last season they saw Meri Brown just go through the motions. Others believed it was a ploy to keep fans coming back. Without Meri Brown, there probably wouldn’t be a TLC show for this family. So, as viewers watched Meri’s attempt to fit in with the family once again, the online buzz indicated folks believed the scene only played out for the Sister Wives cameras.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Meri Brown - Janelle Brown


Sister Wives: Meri Brown Comfortably Included Once Again

But Meri is no longer standing off to the side or in the background of the photos. Instead in recent pics, she’s front and center among her spouses. In one photo, Meri sits in the spot many viewers believed belonged to Robyn Brown – next to Kody Brown. In the second photo, Robyn seems to get her place back but Meri is still smiling.

It wasn’t too long ago on Sister Wives when both Meri and Kody admitted to problems in their marriage. On the video below the patriarch admits that he no longer craves intimacy with his first wife. This interview validated the rumors swirling online and put Kody’s first wife in the spotlight. But today it looks like they’re on the mend.

On the Sister Wives “Tell All” both Meri Brown and her shared husband said they left their past misery in Vegas. The move to Flagstaff represented a new start on their relationship. While it sounded good, it also sounded like wishful thinking. But the recent photos seem to indicate this family is mending itself.

Christine Brown, Robyn Brown, and Janelle Brown Seem to Welcome First Wife

The other three Sister Wives spouses shared how at one time or another Kody and Meri’s problems consumed all five in this plural marriage. So, it stands to reason the other wives would do their best to help them patch it up. That would explain celebrating Janelle’s birthday as a family instead of a dinner for two. Even Christine smiles in the photos. It’s a big change for the third wife after what viewers heard her say on the last season.

Christine made it clear to Meri Brown and the viewers of the show. She was uncomfortable around the first wife of Kody Brown. But Christine also looks different in the latest images online. She’s smiling along with the other wives today. So is Kody Brown’s family on the mend? Kody Brown looks very happy to have all his four wives by his side. Maybe viewers just witnessed what goes on in many homes, the trial and tribulations of marriage. But with five people in one marriage, the turmoil looked a bit amplified.

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