Sister Wives: Meri Brown’s Facial Grimaces Tell The Story

Sister Wives Meri Brown might have said she felt one way during last season’s episodes but her face tells a different story for some fans. A group of astute viewers of the show points out that Meri Brown sends mixed messages. She might claim she’s ready for a reboot romance with Kody Brown but it doesn’t look like she means it.

At times some adoring words for her husband came from Meri last season. But fans point out that’s probably for the sake of the show. Just take a good look at her face when she’s around Kody at times. Her expression frequently resembles a woman that’s got a mouthful of sour grapes.

Sister Wives: Scoop on Meri Brown Via Fans

Some of the best critiques of the Sister Wives show come from social media. Fans of the show watch intently and point out things others may have missed. Soon a bigger picture emerges once this evidence comes together.

One example brought up online is when Meri sits listening to Kody Brown talk about how he’s only one man between four wives. He described the day they packed up the moving trucks to head to Flagstaff. Meri Brown sat on the couch with the other three wives. Their attention was on Kody as he expressed how there wasn’t enough of him to go around.

Team Meri Paints Her Portrait

The other wives chuckled and laughed at Kody trying to be funny about being the only man of four homes. But not Meri Brown. You could almost see smoke coming out of Meri’s ears as he continued on. She appeared as one unhappy and rather aggravated wife on that couch seen below.

Some viewers of Sister Wives online seem invested in seeing Meri go her own way, so this didn’t disappoint them a bit. “Team Meri” as some of the fans call themselves, would love to see her find a man of her own.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives News: Meri Ups the Ante on Robyn Brown

It also looks like another new post has fans cheering for Meri Brown today as well. Fans got to see Robyn Brown’s million-dollar rental home when the Sister Wives clan moved to Flagstaff. But they never got a look at where Meri Brown, Christine Brown, or Janelle Brown were living.

Previous to their moving, Kody Brown had blueprints drawn up for one huge home. This house came with four separate apartment-like living quarters – one for each of his wives. Viewers still don’t know if that is the plan for the Brown clan or if the four wives nixed it. But the main gripe for fans over this  Kody Brown castle – Meri’s allotted space.


No Closet for Meri – View Worth a Million Bucks

Some Sister Wives viewers exaggerated a bit by saying Meri’s living quarters were nothing more than glorified closet space. This was in comparison to Robyn’s grand area with two master bedrooms. One for her and one for her oldest son as he lives home while attending college nearby.

Until their home or homes are built, Robyn gets to live in a rented million-dollar home. On the heels of this Robyn lands a rented mansion. Fans worried that Meri Brown was stuck all by herself in a tiny apartment or house rental.

That myth was dispelled when Meri posted a photo of her rental home’s view. It looks like her window looks out into her upscale neighborhood lined with McMansions.

Sister Wives – First Wife of Kody Brown Take a Bow

Thrilled fans took to social media to talk about Meri’s new digs. They’re glad she took care of herself and didn’t scrimp on living space. She got online applause from some of the fans. So there you have it – what you always hear and see on Sister Wives might not be the full story – or so the show’s faithful viewers seem to say!

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