‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Led Spouses to Arizona Despite Polygamy Laws

Sister Wives star Kody Brown led his wives out of “exile” from Nevada to Arizona. But the laws in their new state consider polygamy a class five felony. So, some say his four wives may live under a false sense of security. But the question is – what’s the risk? Maybe none at all.

Kody claimed they moved to Vegas, chased out by Utah polygamy laws. Now, Kody Brown found a place in Arizona, which he was free to choose. So, it’s no more living in exile for the Sister Wives family. However, there may be some legal concern there after the move well-documented on the TV show.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Leads Wives From Exile?

Kody Brown took his Sister Wives clan in the direction of Flagstaff, Arizona. Despite opposition from his wives and kids, Kody felt he had to lead them out of Vegas. He believes what he did was for the greater good of the family. The patriarch claimed he was leading his pack to a better place to live.

So, was the money spent and opposition from his clan worth it to live in Flagstaff? Maybe it was. But, now they could face prosecution for polygamy in their new home state. With the laws on the books in the Arizona, there’s the potential for prison time for a polygamy conviction.

In fact, the state constitution spells it out and says that a plural or polygamous marriage is “forever prohibited” in AZ. Not only that, but it goes a step further and specifies that “polygamous co-habitation” also violates the law. But that’s a law that’s rarely prosecuted there.

Polygamy – Felony in Arizona – Prison and Fines?

The laws in Arizona say “no” to polygamy. And, if prosecuted, it could lead to time behind bars. The sentence ranges from six months up to two and a half years. The Sister Wives adults could also face fines up to $150,000. Along with up to three years of probation as well.

Kody was definitely in jeopardy of prosecution back in Utah. This caused the family to secretly flee under the cover of night. In Arizona, Christine Brown, Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown can also face prosecution. But the odds of that seem slim.

Sister Wives: Technically Breaking Law – But Prosecution Rare

In fact, despite the way the law reads on the books, the only time the state goes after polygamists is in case of child endangerment, domestic violence, and underage marriage. And as for Flagstaff, Kody Brown mentioned he liked the “hippies”.

The state is conservative overall, but Flagstaff is a very inclusive community that actively promotes diversity. And this was something, no doubt, that Kody Brown and his Sister Wives partners thoroughly researched before moving.

Only One Marriage License – And They Should Be Okay

In a recent interview, an Arizona family law attorney said that so long as Kody Brown only has one legal marriage license, they are probably okay. So, unless someone in the state decided to make an object of the patriarch and his Sister Wives, there’s probably no threat.

That could explain why Kody Brown and his four wives felt that they are safe in relocating to Arizona to find a more welcoming environment. In fact, one city in the state – Colorado City, Arizona – on the Utah border, is a heavily polygamous community.

What Do The Sister Wives’ New Neighbors Think?

One thing that can draw the attention of the law is nosy neighbors reporting you. However, Kody Brown may be in luck on that count. While a few complained they don’t like to see them “normalizing” behavior they don’t agree with, most seem nonplussed by the large multi-spouse family moving in.

One neighbor, however, has significant concerns. But these are not about their marriage, but the Sister Wives cameras that follow them. One neighbor voiced his worry about environmental damage due to all the production vehicles, crew, and cameras.

Aside from that, he said live and let live. That seems to be the overwhelming sentiment in Flagstaff. And since polygamy is illegal in all the 50 states, they had to settle somewhere. Stay tuned for more updates on the Brown family and TLC show.

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