‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Cliffhangers Scream New Season – Out of Exile?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown offers enough cliffhangers to lure viewers back in for another season – if TLC is willing. The patriarch might be in a desperate mode once more as viewer numbers seem to indicate the show can’t repeat its heyday ratings.

It appears Kody Brown might have taken matters into his own hands. Did the mastermind of this plural marriage plant seeds along the way in an attempt to keep the show on TLC’s lineup?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Knows All the Angles

It seems Kody Brown has a never-ending supply of angles when it comes to keeping Sister Wives alive and kicking. When the show faced cancellation a few seasons back, reports indicate Kody offered TLC a slash in salaries to keep the show going. The report indicated that the family went from $180,000 salary for each Sister Wives spouse down to one salary of $180,000 for all five adults.

Back when the show was up against cancellation, viewers dipped to 1.8 million. It looks like this new season of Sister Wives is wading through numbers about 1 million less than their best numbers of 2.5 million viewers back in 2016. So what’s Kody up to this time around?

Seeds Planted to Bring Viewer Crop Back?

TLC hasn’t passed along anything official about the status of the show as far as another season goes. But it looks like Kody Brown didn’t take any chances when filming this last season. The Sister Wives season is full of fishing lures ready to snag the viewers back for another season if there is one.

The move to Flagstaff might be the biggest lure of all. It just so happens the fans never learned the mystery behind this urgent move. With the family starting a new life in Arizona, this might entice people back. Here are a few cliff-hangers that might also do the trick.

Sister Wives: Cliffhangers

The entire neighborhood lined the road like spectators as 17 moving trucks pulled up to Robyn’s new Flagstaff home. So, the fans want to know if the Sister Wives family finds acceptance in Flagstaff. One neighbor looked overly concerned when over two dozen people, mostly kids, poured out of the vehicles.

Featuring the blueprints for Kody Brown’s shopping mall-sized house this season is sure to entice fans back. Will that monstrosity ever leave the paper and become brick and mortar?

Will the Sister Wives ever agree to Kody Brown’s dream of all living under one roof? This question alone is worth another glimpse into the Brown brood.

While Robyn Brown’s rental mansion appeared on the show, Christine, Meri, and Janelle Brown’s homes didn’t. Fans will want to get a gander at how the other wives dwellings compare.

Even More Cliffhangers

There’s something about Meri Brown that fans just love so they’ll want to see if she’s accepted back into the hearts of the family. Christine told her she’s uncomfortable with Meri around. Kody Brown reportedly is no longer intimate with his first wife. She’s all alone in her Flagstaff home and fans want to see what fate offers Meri.

Gabriel Brown was in turmoil this season once Kody Brown told the Sister Wives brood they were moving. This put Gabe at odds with Kody Brown. Also, concerns emerged over how Kody handled Gabe’s plight. So fans want to know how Gabriel fared the move as well as how his relationship with his father progressed.

Kody’s hair took on a life of its own this season. So if another season does emerge, some fans might tune in just to see if there are any changes in his coiffure. Will he tame the ringlets and tone-down the frizz he sports on top of his head?

It seems suddenly, the word “exile” became a favorite for Kody Brown during the last episode. He claimed Vegas offered exile to the family. So, maybe Kody hopes fans will want to observe the exiled Sister Wives clan now living free?

Sister Wives: Open-Ended ‘That’s It Folks’

After Sunday night’s show, Kody tweeted “That’s it, folks” to Sister Wives fans. He then invited viewers to watch the Tell All this coming Sunday. He said fans will learn the backstory. “That’s it” is such an open-ended tweet. Does he mean that’s it with the show or the season? Does he mean that’s it with the move?

Tune in Sunday night for the reunion episode to learn what’s gone on since the season filmed. Chances are Kody Brown will offer up a few more cliffhangers in hopes fans will want the Sister Wives back on TLC for another season.

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