‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Reveals Bizarre Reason He Picked Each Wife

Sister Wives star Kody Brown became indignant when asked if he was a womanizer. This question set him off while sitting with his wives for an interview.

But his comeback seemed a bit strange. The Sister Wives husband countered the question by offering up the reason he picked these four women as his wives.

It seems this disturbing womanizing question was at the ready for Kody Brown as he sat down for an interview. But the Sister Wives patriarch didn’t seem to like what this question implied. From the tone of his voice, it became obvious that he didn’t like where the interview headed.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Lifestyle Fits With His Beliefs?

Kody Brown and his four wives live this Sister Wives lifestyle because of a religious belief. He makes it very clear his choice of plural marriage came to him as a calling. It had nothing to do with his libido, as people suggest throughout the seasons of this TLC reality series.

This wasn’t the religion he grew up in. So, he’s asked if he possibly had another agenda for joining a sect of the Church that promotes multiple wives. During this 2012 interview, he gets indignant over this line of questioning.

Years back, Kody and his four wives penned a book about their lives. As you hear from the interview below, NBC News’ Natalie Morales said she learned from that book that Kody played the field in high school. From what it sounds like, Kody fancied himself a ladies man back then.

So he’s questioned if his eye for the ladies led him to the religion that allows his lifestyle seen on Sister Wives. The interviewer suggested that this type of lifestyle seems to take care of any womanizing ways a guy may have. After all, it allows for several different wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Whoa… Kody Blindsided

The brakes screech on Kody’s laid-back demeanor during this interview. Now the Sister Wives’ father of 18 takes issue with what Ms. Morales seems to imply.

While he blasts back, one of his four wives also has an issue with this question as well. Christine Brown yells her protest as she looks even angrier than her shared husband.

First of all, Natalie goes by  Kody’s behavior as a teenager as he had many girlfriends. Kody Brown asks Natalie if she really expects him to defend his behaviors as a teenager. He claims he was a 14-year-old boy trying to be both a spiritual boy and a wild boy at the same time.

But the interviewer still suggests that people may think he chose the Sister Wives life to fulfill his need for more than one woman. Under the umbrella of plural marriage, he can take on a new wife when the need strikes him. Papa Brown protests, but his choice of words seems odd to fans.

Sister Wives: What About Love?

Kody Brown answers this question but first lets loose over how he has “shouldered the needs” of each and every one of his wives. That is, as much as he can. He also states to Natalie Morales that he’s done the emotional work in each of his Sister Wives relationships.

The wives also sound annoyed at this question as well. It didn’t really say much for them if people thought they agreed to a womanizing husband. So, yes, all five Sister Wives adults appeared to take issue with this type of questioning.

When Kody Brown explained how he picked each one of his wives, he left something out. He didn’t emphasize love. No, he states that he decided on each one of his wives due to the “depth of their character”.

Kody Brown thought each one of his Sister Wives ladies would be a great individual to go through life with. You could probably say the same thing about a good employee, a best friend, an amazing pet, or even high-end kitchen flooring.

When someone describes how they fell in love with their mate, “love at first sight” seems to be the popular go-to phrase. Not in this case. Apparently,  Kody’s wives tickled his fancy with their “depth of character”.

The throwback video above offers a look at the Sister Wives in their early years on the series.  A lot has changed with this family since that time. But Kody’s description offers some food for thought.

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