‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Reveals He’s Building Five Houses

Sister Wives star Kody Brown sat for an intriguing interview just hours before the new season rolls out and he was a treasure trove of info. His main deal with the Sister Wives series today is to open up with honesty about his four relationships. When asked for how long he will do the TLC show, his answer might surprise you.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Let It Rip

Kody Brown answered Sister Wives question after question. At one point when asked about the housing problem he paused. Then he said he didn’t want to give away what viewers will see on the show.

But Kody Brown couldn’t contain himself. He did drop a huge spoiler in the laps of the fans. He started talking about his relationships with each of his Sister Wives ladies.

Then he went on to say how he found a happy medium for housing. This when Kody spewed forth a fountain of news.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Not One Big House, Not Four, But Five Homes Says Kody Brown

Since the Sister Wives trailer highlights the unhappy living situations for the ladies, Kody was asked what is next. Mainly the interviewer wanted to know about the Coyote Pass plans.

Surprisingly enough, Kody took the bait. He said he’d explain without giving too much away. Then he started his exciting spiel. But it ended up he pretty much gave up the secret.

It seems the big house is out. That won’t happen… period. But if you remember back to the plans of that big house, Kody made sure the blueprints called for a space of his own.

Now he is looking to buy another lot at Coyote Pass to build a fifth house. Although he thinks he saved this from being a spoiler by saying they could use it as a guest house. Or if one of the kids comes into town.

He stopped short of saying that the fifth house will be his. Although that might not be the case, Kody’s dream over the last few episodes was to have a space of his own.

Brown Family Adults

Sister Wives: No More Ship Without a Port?

Think about what he goes through every day. Although it was his choice, to begin with, this Sister Wives hubby scatters himself across four homes. This has to weigh on the guy after all these years.

Maybe he needs one central location that he can call home. Well, without saying the fifth dwelling is the new home of Kody Brown, fans pretty much assume it is. So it seems the Coyote Pass plan is four plus one when it comes to building the Sister Wives houses.

Before the rumors start that this fifth home is for Kody to add another Sister Wives lady, it’s not. He said without a doubt he will have no more wives join his family. As far as kids, no more births as well, but adoption is not out of the question.

Tune in Sunday at 10 pm EST when the new Season of Sister Wives rolls out. But come back to Soap Dirt for the latest news on this series from TLC.