‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Fantasy Exposed – How Far Will He Go?

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown takes his journey in a new direction with brutal honesty, as the new season opens up this coming Sunday night. He even goes as far as sharing one of his Sister Wives fantasies with the viewers when Season 15 rolls out.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown With Another Fantasy?

Many of the Sister Wives followers already believe that Kody Brown lives in his own fantasy world. How else would you describe a man with four wives sharing four different beds?

But Kody’s new fantasy came out of frustration and not his libido, as seen on the Sister Wives trailer. His lifestyle of polygamy made this guy famous. He’s the guy either you like or you love to hate. But either way, the millions of viewers that flock to the show each season indicates he’s got something. If nothing else, he’s a curiosity for the mainstream folks.

Over a decade ago Kody Brown and the Sister Wives series made a landing on the TLC network. People from all walks of life tuned in to see just how a man who has four spouses navigates between them.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Grass Looks Greener In Kody’s Yard Until He Mows The Lawn

When Kody Brown first appeared on TV the audience had mixed feelings about what they witnessed. Many were ready to verbally slam the husband of 4 wives even before they laid eyes on him.

Then some thought a guy bedding down four women was one cool dude. Especially because he hid nothing as each of his wives knew about the others and were friends.

It sounds like today the Sister Wives patriarch would have something to say to those people who envy a guy with has four lady wives. He might remind them the grass always looks greener on the other side.

Sure, when the show first began, Sister Wives fans saw four women doting on Kody. But today the picture looks much different. As the many seasons rolled out, more and more of the inner workings of this family became exposed. Some of it just wasn’t pretty.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Looks Like a Mid-Life Fantasy

More than 10 years ago, Kody Brown made a big deal out of the joys of polygamy, the wives seem to back up his every word. But that doesn’t appear to be the case today with the Sister Wives spouses.

When the new season airs on Sunday night, Kody Brown makes a shocking revelation about the lifestyle he’s promoted and professed to love all his adult life. He claims he will no longer promote polygamy. But that’s not all.

It seems Kody has a fantasy and he shares this on the new Sister Wives season. His fantasy is monogamous marriage. While the brief clip in which he spills this fantasy offers no details, fans were quick to fill their own in. At 52, Kody built a family of 18 kids and two grandkids, with number three on the way.

This is hardly the time in life to fantasize about one lady. This means he’d need to dump three wives and keep one. Or maybe even kick all four to the curb and take up with an unknown woman.

Even if Kody doesn’t ever plan to act on this fantasy, just bringing it up would seem like a slap in the face to his Sister Wives women. Just how far Kody is willing to go to fulfill his fantasy remains a mystery now. But for a man that made his fame trying to show the world polygamy is a great way to live, well now his tune has changed.

Watch Kody Brown and all the Sister Wives brood this Sunday, February 14 at 10 pm EST.

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