‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Family Updates with New Season on the Way

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown will be back with his family on the TLC series but until then, take a look at what they’re up to. Starting with Papa Kody Brown himself, who keeps fairly quiet unless something big comes along that prompts him to make a comment.

Sister Wives: Co-Wives Wind Down to a Crawl

While Kody’s been quiet during the Sister Wives hiatus, tidbits about his whereabouts surface now and then. It seems rather odd that the three Sister Wives adults who post frequently online suddenly slowed down the frequency of their posts just recently.

Meri Brown pretty much posted daily since the last Sister Wives season ended. Then just lately she suddenly went for almost a month without posting anything on her main personal site.

Christine Brown also updated her fans frequently but she too slowed her posts down to almost nothing. Then there’s Janelle Brown, the second wife of the Sister Wives clan. She didn’t post as much as the first and third wives, but she too seems to cut back in recent weeks.

Of course, Robyn Brown tends to share posts only when the show airs. As soon as the season ends, it’s like she rolls up her social media sidewalks. But Kody Brown’s family consists of five adults with 18 offsprings. So, there’s still plenty of posts hitting the online world today to offer the Sister Wives fans an unofficial update.

Family Outing

Kody Brown Pops Head Out

Fans shake a finger at Kody Brown once again. They reprimand the Sister Wives patriarch for not traveling with Christine Brown and her kids to New Jersey.

Ysabel Brown underwent surgery to fix the curvature of her spine recently in a medical facility in that state. Kody remained in Flagstaff but heard how selfish this was from the fans of Sister Wives.

Despite posting a story of a stranger’s successful surgery during this hiatus, he mentions nothing about Ysabel on social media. It seemed he bypassed sharing his daughter’s successful surgery. So, needless to say, Kody is not in good graces with all the Sister Wives fans today.

Kody did post an article on his site that talked about his daughter Mykelti Brown Padron expecting her first baby. It seemed he let the article do the talking about Tony and Myketi Padron’s good news.

While filming the new season, Kody Brown’s wives offered a few bits of info on their shared husband. Sister Wives followers learned that since moving to Flagstaff, Kody Brown now drives a pick-up truck. He’s even found the enjoyment of tailgating with his new ride.

Janelle Brown shared the photo below with Kody Brown and his daughter Savanah Brown. This Sister Wives’ mom also offered the news on Kody’s new ride in this post.

Kody Brown continued to keep the cash-strapped family theme alive during the break between seasons. Three of his wives scrambled and took on gigs for extra money.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Savanah Brown

Wife #1: Meri Brown Cries a River Then Dries it Up

It seems Meri Brown waded through this lapse between seasons of Sister Wives so far with cryptic messages. She stirred the pot with her open-ended posts. Some of her tweets were very accusing but they came with no name attached. So, that left it up to the fans to surmise who she talked about in those posts.

Meri’s posts often painted the picture that this Sister Wives lady was miserable. She also said enough for some fans to assume she was ready to launch away from the family. But those seemingly tear-filled posts dried up. Her latest post sounded more like a prayer requesting that things get better.

Meri had an interesting interaction with Kody Brown during an online sale that she did live. He barged in and needed a document signed. Meri stopped what she was doing and did everything Kody asked.

She signed the paper and then left the room to make a copy as Kody requested. All this played out as the fans watched, stunned by the Sister Wives couple and their laid-back interaction. The last time they saw Meri on the screen, Kody ripped her apart in the therapist’s office.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Meri Thinks Outside the Box as Kody Loses Sleep

But one of the main things Sister Wives viewers got from this abrupt interaction is that Kody is so stressed out he’s losing sleep. Apparently, those money woes eat at the man with 18 kids and four wives.

Meri seemed to do her part at making extra cash for the family with a new idea. She got online and sold her slightly worn outfits to her fans. The big draw to this – Meri tagged each article with the place she last wore the outfit.

This allowed her fans to buy a shirt she wore on Sister Wives or pants she wore online selling her stuff. This co-wife thought outside of the box and it appeared the clothes went like wildfire. Since the family claims to pool their money, it looks like Meri helped Kody Brown’s cause with this idea.

Sister Wives: Gabe Brown - Robert Garrison Brown

Wife #2: Janelle Brown Moonlights With Sister Wives Kids

Janelle Brown has a few irons in the fire when it comes to generating money for the Kody Brown tribe. From her Cameo videos, which she does on request for a fee, to her Strive franchise, it looks like she’s a busy Sister Wives spouse. It seems Janelle captures more photos of Kody Brown than her co-wives.

While Kody’s pics are few and far between, Janelle catches Kody when he spends time with the kids. The second wife from the Sister Wives huge family recently embarked on a bitter-sweet journey to North Carolina.

She flew to Maddie Brown Brush’s home while Maddie’s daughter, Evie Brush, had her foot amputated. This journey let Janelle spend time with her daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren. But this went on without Kody Brown in the picture. He didn’t accompany Janelle to their daughter’s house for his only granddaughter’s surgery.

With Evie on the mend, things look up for the Sister Wives mother of six and grandmother of two. Evie is now much closer to a prosthetic fitting, which will help her with her mobility.

It seems that these days Janelle Brown spends time focusing on stargazing. Her son Robert (Garrison) Brown shows a passion for this and Janelle shares the beautiful photos he captures of the night sky.

She recently shared the pic above of her two boys eating pizza. They did so while waiting for the red-glow of Mars to show up in the night sky.

Christine Brown and Sister from New Jersey

Wife #3: Christine Brown Now Claims She’s An Adult

Christine Brown shared a photo of a plate containing empty oyster shells. So, the fans who follow this Sister Wives member were the first to read what this did for her.

She claims that she’s now an adult after eating the oysters that were once in those shells. Christine ate those slippery delights from the sea while in New Jersey for Ysabel’s surgery.

She stayed at her sister’s home while Ysabel had her procedure. Christine and her sister appear in the above post. The fans immediately saw the uncanny resemblance when first posted.

It seems this Sister Wives reality star also attempts to find a way to generate some much-needed family money. But Christine hasn’t really ventured out into something she can call her own. She continues to sell the same brand of clothing that Meri sells. It looks as if Christine copied Meri when she took up selling this attire online.

Now Christine does Cameos, just like Janelle recently started. Again another gig like one of her co-wives. So, she really hasn’t found something that only she does instead of riding on the coattails of her co-wives from Sister Wives.

Family Argument

Wife #4: Robyn Brown the Missing Sister Wives Member

Robyn Brown remains quiet, really quiet. She posts absolutely nothing online for any of her social media sites. She’s not been seen in a new photo as well since the last season came to a close.

Her little ones, Ariella Brown and Solomon Brown pop up in photos with the other family members, but no Robyn. The mysterious disappearance of Robyn Brown probably isn’t as big a mystery as some folks make it out to be.

Looking back to the break between seasons of years past, it seems Robyn has a tendency to stay elusive. Robyn sends posts out while new Sister Wives episodes play out during a season. But once a season ends, Robyn becomes scarce.

One theory, which sounds more than feasible, suggests that Robyn does just what she has to do. It very well could be that their TLC contract includes all the Sister Wives celebrities posting online when a season runs. This would explain the sudden disappearance online of Robyn Brown after a season ends.

But Robyn’s disappearance may also help with the intrigue that brings the fans of Sister Wives back each season. When she isn’t seen for a while, pregnancy rumors spin and some even suggest she’s sick. Whatever is keeping her off of the online world, fans hope to find out when the next season begins.

The different faces of Kody Brown

When Does the New Season of Sister Wives Start?

While TLC offers no official word about a new season, two of the Sister Wives women have confirmed a new season is on the way. Traditionally, TLC announces the premiere of a new season just weeks to a month before it begins.

The last several seasons premiered in the month of January. So if history is any indication, you can look for the Sister Wives new season announcement sometime before the holidays with a January start date. That is if history means anything.

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