‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Slammed over Mismanaged Money Perception

Sister Wives star Christine Brown set out on a journey home, but the latest post from her travels seems to anger some fans over perceived misuse of money. The third wife headed home from New Jersey after visiting for Ysabel Brown’s back surgery. But their mode of travel seemed to irritate fans.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Journeys Home

Fans of the TLC series followed the recent journey of Christine Brown and her family. Ysabel Brown was front and center in her Sister Wives’ mom’s life the past several weeks.

Recent surgery to correct her daughter Ysabel’s spine’s curvature brought Christine and several kids to New Jersey. The surgeon and hospital used by Christine’s daughter were apparently in the Jersey area.

Christine shared with her Sister Wives followers that they stayed at her sister’s home while Ysabel underwent surgery. She also shared the news when the procedure to correct Ysabel’s scoliosis was complete and deemed a success.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Then Comes the Photo

The Sister Wives’ mom and her kids also stayed in New Jersey while Ysabel recuperated. It appears that was also a success because Christine Brown’s brood were next pictured on a plane headed for home.

The fans’ comments mostly focus on Ysabel, who is doing great after her surgery. So, Sister Wives enthusiasts celebrate Ysabel’s homecoming. But something as simple as a selfie taken on that plane sparked a whirlwind of negative comments. Fans suddenly grew suspicious of Christine Brown.

It wasn’t the topic of the photo that caused this sudden storm. Instead, it was a simple sentence in the caption. On the plane, Ysabel sits in the window seat and her sister Gwendlyn Brown sits next to her. Gwen captioned the pic “First class babeyyy.”

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown - Gwen Brown Fly First Class

Sister Wives: Money Problems – Really?

Gwen is a teen, and teens tend to brag or boost as a rite of passage. So while sitting in the first-class section on the plane for their ride home, Gwendlyn posted a pic showing off those seats.

Fans seemed to immediately recall Christine’s plea for money during one of her online clothing sales. This Sister Wives’ mother asked the fans to buy her clothes because the money would go toward Ysabel’s surgery. She said she needed $50,000 for what her health insurance didn’t cover.

Now that the Sister Wives sisters are pictured in first-class, it seems some fans question Christine Brown’s asking for money. Many of her followers came through for her with extra sales.

They did this so she could raise the funds she needed for her daughter’s surgery. Seeing them in first class, which is usually an expensive way to fly, seems to rub some of the fans wrong.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Playing Devil’s Advocate

Sure it’s obvious that the two Sister Wives teens settle into first-class seats in that photo. But does that mean Christine Brown paid for it? Or if she did, maybe the doctor recommended the more spacious seating for Ysabel since she just had surgery.

You don’t see the other family members in that photo, so maybe only Ysabel and her sister got a first-class seat. If this was the case, it’s probably so Ysabel wasn’t alone on the flight. Then just maybe it’s a free upgrade. Who knows, it’s not unheard of for an airline to show they care.

Maybe they somehow learned that Ysabel just had major surgery. In turn, they might have offered them empty seats in first-class so she’d be more comfortable. So, the Sister Wives daughters sit in first-class seats on the ride home. But when it boils down to it, the main thing should be keeping Ysabel comfortable. After all, she just had major surgery far from home.

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