‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Makes Huge Attempt to Impress Kody Brown?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown makes no secret of her attempts to get Kody Brown‘s attention while the episodes play out. She’s also made no mystery out of her jealousy at times when the other Sister Wives co-wives spend time with him.

The four wives of Kody Brown agree jealousy does seep into their plural marriage from time to time. But that jealousy may also show up in places they’d least expect.

Christine Brown spent a number of years at home doing the child-rearing. At the same time, the other wives got the credit for keeping the family afloat by pooling their paychecks.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Makes Big Family Contribution

The third Sister Wives mom did this, so her co-wives could work and help support their large family. So you might say that Christine’s childcare was monumental when it came to her part of the family finances. With Christine Brown staying home with the kids, the other wives could go off to work without paying huge childcare bills.

So, back when TLC’s Kody Brown had three wives, Meri Brown and Janelle Brown worked while Christine took care of the kids. During this time, it seems Kody Brown’s employment included several different jobs, such as selling billboard ads.

The Sister Wives spouses pooled their money to pay the bills. According to the wives, this worked well for them. Christine Brown taking on childcare for the family was nothing less than a Godsend.

This is how her co-wives explain her part in the Sister Wives family in the book they penned together. But as time went on and the kids got older, it seems that Christine Brown’s childcare days dwindled.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown

Kody Brown Money Woes

When Kody Brown is sad, everyone is sad, or at least it looked like that to the fans during the early seasons of the Sister Wives series. Today the ladies seem a bit more used to his moods. While his grumpiness doesn’t go unnoticed, the Sister Wives ladies seem to not let it ruin their day.

The money problems plaguing this family is nothing new. Kody Brown talked about being so cash strapped that he didn’t know how he could support Robyn and her kids when he first became engaged to her.

It recently became apparent that Kody loses sleep over money struggles. He made this clear when he interrupted one of Meri Brown’s live sales events online. So, it appears one way to get Kody’s attention is by making life easier for him. And bringing money into the Sister Wives family would do just that.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Christine Mirrors Her Co-Wives?

Meri and Janelle often tried new gigs throughout the decades of their Sister Wives marriage. Some turned profitable, while others weren’t. But these two wives tried a bunch of jobs on for size when it came to generating money for the family.

With money problems hovering over Kody Brown 24/7, it makes sense that Christine would want to help. While she would surely want to lessen the load, it’s also one way to get Kody’s attention as well.

So after her years of raising the family’s kids, she set out to find gainful employment. But instead of making a path of her own, she seemed to follow in the footsteps of her co-wives. Meri became a superstar for the clothing brand she sells online. She’s now one of the top sales reps.

Christine tried her hand at this and is still doing it today. Janelle joined Cameo, making personalized video shout-outs for paying customers. Now Christine is also doing this. A few years back, when Janelle thrived with her real estate gig, Christine also followed suit.

Kody Brown and third wife

No Paycheck – But Priceless

It seems that Christine Brown made an attempt to find her niche and one that would help with the Sister Wives finances. As far as the sales of clothes online, it looks as if Christine doesn’t do the volume that Meri does.

When it comes to her Cameo videos, Christine Brown upped Janelle’s price by $5. But it appears as if she’s still trailing behind in the number of videos she’s made. While these attempts don’t seem to pan out as well as the Sister Wives spouse who did it before her, Christine Brown keeps trying.

Even years back, when Christine claimed she was concentrating on real estate as her main gig, nothing seemed to pan out from this. So, is Christine working hard and embarking on these jobs as a way to get her shared husband’s attention?

It’s not as if she’s looking into something that interests her. Instead, it appears she attempts to ride her Sister Wives cohort’s coattails.

The third wife of the Sister Wives tribe already made a huge contribution to the Kody Brown family. All you have to do is check out the kids. Now, as a group of the Brown children hit the age of young adults, they all have goals.

Whether they’re in college or raising their own family, they appear to have a healthy attitude towards life. Fans also see a thread of kindness and caring for others that seem to run through all the offspring. While Christine didn’t earn a paycheck for this, many fans agree her contribution to the family is priceless.

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