‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Mows over Co-Wives with $5 and Hardship Sale?

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown looks as if she just one-upped two of her co-wives when it comes to soothing Kody Brown’s worries. Kody Brown is in the red with finances, which is reported to still be the case as the new season films.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Follows

Kody Brown’s women have slowly morphed into the world of sales online. The Sister Wives’ original matriarch took up selling the LuLaRoe brand of clothes. This entails working mostly from home.

That was four years ago. But since that time Christine Brown and a few of the adult children followed in Meri footsteps. Meri went all out with sales. She became one of the top sales reps for the company.

It’s not known where Christine Brown or the Sister Wives kids stand financially with their sales gigs. But Meri looks like a rock star in comparison. That’s because of the time she spends selling her stuff.

Meri’s constant selling seems to make Christine and the kids pale in comparison. Whether you are pro-Meri or not, you have to admit she does seem to work hard.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Competition Runs High For Wife #3?

Christine Brown appears competitive when it comes to Kody Brown’s attention. Now that their shared husband is in dire straits with the finances, the wife that pulls him out of this has to get some kind of brownie points for doing so. Or at least some kind of recognition from Kody Brown.’

It seems Meri picked up her game by selling articles of clothing she had previously worn during the event of a live sale. Each piece she wore came with a little story. She talked about where she was when she had it on. Either she wore on the Sister Wives show or while live-streaming one of her sales events.

Christine Brown upped the ante on her sales a few weeks ago. While she needs to raise $50,000 as a co-pay for her daughter’s surgery, that is something you would think should come out of the Sister Wives clan’s shared funds.

Let’s face it, if a house costing almost $1million is purchased out of the family’s pooled money, certainly a surgery co-pay is within the realm of family money. A Brown family child’s medical needs would certainly come first.

So in a roundabout way, by Christine Brown asking her customers to up the number of their purchases she really helped Kody Brown with that big chunk of cash for the surgery. It would come out of the family budget somewhere if it wasn’t raised.

Christine told all her followers that with each item they buy they are helping her pay for her daughter’s surgery. Did the Sister Wives followers opt to buy from Christine rather than Meri just so they could help out the daughter?  Some fans wondered if this affected Meri’s sales at the time.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown Cameos

Sister Wives: No Original Thoughts From Christine Brown?

So Christine seemed to one-up Meri with her sales ploy. The next wife who seemed to get a bit of competition from Christie Brown was Janelle Brown. The quiet and unassuming second wife from the Sister Wives clan joined Cameo. She announced this to her followers online.

Janelle’s Cameo seems to be doing well and she asks $30 a pop for each one. It seems the celebrities set their own price and some go over $100 in price tags. Not long after Janelle offered her Cameo, Christine announced hers. But instead of the $30 price tag, like her co-wife Janelle, Christine asks $35 for each of her Cameos.

Fans seem to think that Christine’s need to assist Kody Brown stems from her need for his attention. They also suggest she seems to follow and doesn’t come up with anything original on her own when it comes to bringing home the cash.

If one of the Sister Wives co-wives is instrumental in pulling him out of his financial hole – that would be huge. She’d be the wife who would get the praise and attention from Kody.

Kody is a nervous wreck and reports he can’t sleep. Kody said this to Meri when he interrupted her live sales event online weeks ago. If one wife can restore some peace to the worried husband, she’ be the wife earning Kody’s attention. Most Sister Wives fans will probably agree, Christine’s need for attention from her shared husband seems greater than the other three wives’ needs put together.

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