‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Aims Jab at Christine – Undercurrent of Paybacks?

Sister Wives stars Robyn Brown appeared to send a subtle jab Christine Brown‘s way on Sunday night’s episode. An undercurrent of a duel seems to weave its way through the last few episodes for these two Sister Wives ladies.

Whatever is going on between Robyn and Christine probably has deeper roots than what it looks like. Robyn Brown doesn’t want to own a house despite the Sister Wives patriarch insisting that buying a place is the only way to go.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown on Defensive

Christine Brown was the only wife to buy a house when the Sister Wives moved to Flagstaff. She never rented in Flagstaff. She still lives in the home she purchased when first moving to that city.

It seems Robyn Brown sees herself as saving the family from separation. By not using the Sister Wives combined funds to purchase a house, they can build much earlier on Coyote Pass. So when Robyn refuses to buy a home, she sees this as a choice that benefits the family.

All this talk about renting vs buying a house seems to leave Christine Brown in a strange place. She’s suddenly defending her decision to buy a house.

As Christine talked about buying her home, Robyn chimed in to say that purchasing a house will set the Coyote Pass building plans back. She sees the Sister Wives family too fragmented today. Robyn Brown feels the need to get the entire family back together in one place.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Robyn Brown - Christine Brown - Janelle Brown

Robyn Brown to Save Family From Separation

This just sets Christine on a defensive spiel as to why she purchased a home rather than rent. Robyn brought this up again in front of Christine Brown. As they sat on the Sister Wive’s couch on the episode Sunday Robyn had her say.

Robyn’s crusade to put the family on their land seems to put Christine in a defensive mode. But there’s an undercurrent between these two Sister Wives women that seems to go beyond land and money problems.

Last week’s episode had the shoe on the other foot. It was Christine delivering the jab to Robyn. This jab seemed blatant enough for Meri Brown to intervene.

Sister Wives: Sarcasm Goes Too Far?

Robyn Brown joined her three Sister Wives co-wives on a trip to Chicago to visit Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss. While they were there, Robyn was not herself. She seemed to bring her problems with Kody along for the trip.

Robyn realized she wasn’t the best company so while out to lunch, she apologized to the other Sister Wives. She said she was sorry for being a party pooper. While Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Mariah Brown, and her partner, Audrey Kriss reassured her she wasn’t, Christine threw her a zinger.

Christine Brown sarcastically told Robyn that she was indeed a party pooper. Robyn didn’t take this well and tears welled up. This prompted Meri to turn to Christine, telling her to stop.

So on this week’s Sister Wives, it looks like Robyn might have offered a bit of payback. While she never directed anything at Christine, Kody Brown’s third wife seemed to speak up in her own defense about buying a house.

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