‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Threw Stones at Robyn from a Glass House?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown endured shaky beginnings with Robyn Brown for reasons many people can easily understand. But before their unstable start, the Sister Wives adults suffered another almost exact scenario between two wives.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Got Tons of Sympathy Over Robyn Brown

Christine Brown felt hurt, angry, depressed, and she describes being at the lowest point in her Sister Wives surroundings. This is when Kody Brown became engaged and then married Robyn Brown. It was mainly because she was pregnant, then gave birth to Truely as her shared husband’s love affair blossomed.

This became part of the first introduction for the audience to Kody Brown and the four women from the Sister Wives series. Even today people across the internet empathize with Christine over this. That’s because she was pregnant with her last child, Truely, at the time.

This gave Christine a lot of sympathy mileage with the viewers, because she was pregnant and her husband Kody spent a massive amount of time wooing Robyn. But, years before when Janelle was expecting the family’s first baby, it was Christine Brown who Kody courted and dated.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown - Christine Brown - Meri Brown

What Goes Around Comes Around?

Janelle Brown was “heavily pregnant” with Logan Brown while Kody and Christine Brown had a very short courting period and then married. This was Janelle’s first pregnancy and she was about to bring the first Sister Wives baby into the family. The birth of a first baby is usually a time when a woman needs her partner more than usual.

Unlike Christine, it seems Janelle was so “committed to the principle” that she didn’t let jealousy get in her way. She embraced the Sister Wives plural marriage as her way of living. Janelle explains this in the book that all five of the spouses penned together, “Becoming Sister Wives.”

So, it sounds like Kody basically did the same thing that he and Christine did to Janelle when he courted and married Robyn. But Christine felt like the world came down around her. Christine Brown didn’t seem to take time in the book to reflect how Janelle must have felt when she and Kody fell in love while she was expecting a baby.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown -Kody Brown - Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Janelle’s First Impression of Christine – A ‘Princess’

Christine Brown and Robyn Brown don’t seem to have a strong practical side like their other Sister Wives co-wife, Janelle. When Christine joined the family, Janelle couldn’t believe how she behaved.

Christine’s apparent pre-conceived notion that she didn’t have to work to contribute to the family household floored Janelle. The second wife described Christine as acting like a “princess” upon arrival into the family.

Still, one of the biggest surprises to fans of the TLC show is Christine’s jealousy when Robyn entered the family. As a pregnant woman, many fans sided with her. But it’s possible the fans who dissed Robyn Brown over this might not realize that Christine Brown basically did the same to Janelle.

When it comes down to it, Kody Brown is the one with seemingly poor timing when taking on another wife. Neither Christine Brown nor Robyn Brown should probably bear the brunt of this.

When it comes to growing the Sister Wives family, Kody Brown (at least in hindsight) should probably not have married at a time when one of his wives was about to give birth to his child. But it seems that Christine seemed to quickly forget when the shoe was on her foot.

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