‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown’s New Gig Has Fans Screaming for Kody

Sister Wives star Christine Brown looks as if she’s taken on a new gig to help Kody Brown in his struggle with the family’s finances. She seems to follow in her co-wife’s footsteps but with Christine Brown being Christine, she attempts to do one better. The third wife of Kody Brown ups the ante.

It’s no secret to the Sister Wives fans that Kody Brown is in dire straits when it comes to money. He made his cash flow problems public during the last few seasons of the TLC reality series.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Lends Kody Brown a Hand

In a nutshell, Kody Brown’s move from Vegas with thoughts dancing in his head of a more economical living situation in Flagstaff didn’t pan out. Now Christine Brown is yet another Sister Wives lady to step up and attempt to rake in some dough to help Papa Brown.

This is not the first time Christine Brown upped her game to bring in extra money for the Sister Wives family. A while back she pugged sales of her LuLaRoe clothes by telling fans everything she makes goes towards her daughter’s surgery.

Without saying much more, Christine Brown let her Sister Wives followers know that raising $50,000 was her goal. She needed it as a down payment for the surgery.  Although it did sound as if she might have meant the co-pay instead of a down payment.  Either way, Christine Brown prompted her fans to buy, buy, and buy some more to help out her cause.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Cameo

Third Wife One-Ups Janelle Brown

It seems Janelle Brown was the first out of the Sister Wives adults to sign-up for Cameo videos. Celebs, including a lot of reality show stars, do these videos for fans. What they charge is up to the celebrity.

Sister Wives fans request a video and pay the price designated by the star doing the video. The prices vary from star to star. So, it appears some feel their videos are worth a lot more than others apparently. Some stars ask for $100 or more and they get it.

In Christine Brown’s case, it looks as if she feels she’s worth more than her Sister Wives co-wife Janelle because she outdid her by five bucks. Janelle charges $30 per Cameo video and the asking price or Christine is $35.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Janelle Brown Cameos

Sister Wives: Where’s Kody?

No one knows for sure why Christine had the need to go $5 more than Janelle for her Cameo. But… she is very competitive when it comes to getting Kody Brown’s attention. The fans of the Sister Wives series have witnessed this through the seasons.

Maybe she feels outdoing Janelle in bringing home the bacon might earn her points with their shared husband. Fans weren’t that interested in the price tags. What the were interested in was… Where is Kody in all of this?

Since Kody’s financial problems popped up often through the last few seasons, these Sister Wives Cameo gigs probably are another way to help their shared husband. One reality star from 90 Day Fiance claimed to have made $27,000 from his Cameos.

So this could be a real money maker. for Kody Brown with two wives willing to sell Cameo videos. But the fans want to know why Kody himself didn’t offer to do these videos as well. They’re screaming for him to get out of the shadows and help make money alongside his wives.

Kody Brown is a popular guy. Sure, a lot of his popularity isn’t ingrained in his likeability. On the contrary, it seems Sister Wives enthusiasts love to bash the guy. But if he put himself out there for Cameo videos, he’d probably be flooded with requests.

If a little-known reality star who only did one season of 90 Day Fiance can make $27K, then what could Kody do? The Brown family patriarch has been a star for over a decade and through 14 seasons of Sister Wives. If he put a little effort into advertising this, he could possibly dig the family out of their financial hole.

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