‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Waves Huge Clue over That $10 House Sale

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown usually can’t get enough of her hubby so when he whisked his name off her home title, fans perked up. It appears this third wife of Kody Brown wasn’t about to go down with all the chatter regarding this. So instead, it looks as if Christine Brown got pro-active.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Won’t Bite Back Verbally

The Sister Wives co-wives seem to make it an unofficial rule not to bite back at negative comments from fans. Although Meri Brown does this at times in her cryptic messages without mentioning exactly what she’s talking about.

But Christine and her fellow co-wives from Sister Wives don’t make it a habit to debunk the untruths swirling around them. Whether this is a TLC rule or one the family put into place, these ladies don’t embark on the negative back and forth banter with fans.

So the next best thing to shoot down any negative chatter is to give a good demonstration. And.. it looks like Christine Brown did just that.

The buzz online today consists of Kody deeding Christine’s home back over to her only. So, this makes this Sister Wives lady the sole owner of the property she purchased when deciding to move to Flagstaff.

Brown Patriarch With Third Wife Christine

$10 Bargain Swirling Around Out There

Kody Brown sold this Sister Wives house back to Christine Brown for the sum of $10. Basically, he gave the home to her but money needs to pass hands in some states for a real estate transaction. So, this may be the reason a ten-dollar bill needed to pass from Kody to Christine Brown, on paper anyway.

Kody’s name originally appeared on her property deed. But this is nothing out of the ordinary. His name appears on every parcel of land and dwelling that his wives own. So taking his name off this deed is out of the norm for the Sister Wives patriarch.

But without knowing the reason behind the Sister Wives suddenly changing names on the title, people assumed the worst. It seems the chatter today has Christine and Kody calling it quits.

This is an understandable assumption after Kody seemed down about his polygamous lifestyle last season. But people ran with a Kody-Christine alleged split despite nothing officially offered from any of the Sister Wives.


Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Ring

Sister Wives: When All Else Fails Concock A Demonstration

Christine Brown, who is normally bubbly and animated when talking, gave quite the demonstration during a live sale online. So, while she didn’t start a campaign of words against this assumed split between her and Kody, she put on a show.

Kody Brown’s third wife waved her hand around while selling her wares. But her wedding ring seemed front and center several times throughout her live sales show.

It also seems that since the chatter about her possible split emerged she’s honor-bound to show off her wedding ring. Without saying a word, it looks like this Sister Wives member and proud wife made sure everyone saw that ring.

Maybe she did this with the hopes of possibly stopping the chatter. She also holds her hand on her hip in her recent photo, possibly to highlight that ring.

No one knows for sure just why Christine is now the only owner of her home. But… that Coyote Pass property sits stagnant and has for more than two years.

The reason that Kody removed himself from that title with a $10 sale is unknown. But it also gets him off the mortgage as well. So, this just might free up some credit for him.

If they decided to build those four Sister Wives homes on Coyote Pass, it’s going to take a slew of money. It stands to reason Kody could borrow more if he has less owed to creditors.

More To Come

The Sister Wives clan has to be near the end of filming this next season. It’s been months since Christine first confirmed a new season is underway.

Reports indicate TLC pays salaries once a season finishes filming. So, it looks as if it might be time for TLC to dole out the salaries to Sister Wives adults. It’s possible these salaries plus borrowed money is earmarked for their future homes.

Could it be that Kody Brown is just getting all his ducks in a row by clearing his credit for the Coyote Pass building event? Christine doesn’t have to leave her shared husband because he’s no longer on her deed.

Who knows, maybe Christine Brown from Sister Wives is planning to launch a solo act. But she still seems so crazy about Kody Brown, so it’s hard to imagine for some of her fans.

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