‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Reveals Too Much Behind the Scenes?

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown might have let her guard down a bit as the camera tells a story she once feared revealing to the viewers. Before a camera entered Christine Brown’s home, her anxiety level remained on high. Christine was very aware of how the cameras could catch every little thing.

So, the third wife of Kody Brown embarked on sprucing up her surroundings. From new bed linens to rearranging what’s already there, Christine got busy. When the Sister Wives cameras showed up at her front door, she was ready.

Before going into Christine Brown’s housekeeping, did you know Christine played a major role in securing the Sister Wives show? So how did it get to the point of allowing strangers with cameras in tow into the Brown family homes?

Sister Wives: Series Started With Christine Brown

Fans of the Sister Wives reality series might think Kody Brown landed the show for his family. But the first family member approached about this gig was Christine Brown. Before TLC showed up as a bleep on the radar for this family, Christine Brown became a local media celeb.

The third wife of the Sister Wives became a spokesperson to Principle Voices. This local program dedicated itself to the religious faith for which the Brown clan base their lifestyle. For two years Christine talked about polygamy on the news as the spokesperson, as well as on college campuses.

A man named Tim Gibbons contacted Christine through Principle Voices about possibly doing a reality show about a polygamous family. She handed the lead over to Kody Brown who met with Tim and the rest is Sister Wives history.

Sister Wives: Truely Brown - Christine Brown

Christine Keeps Herself In Check

Unless you’re someone with a home filled with household staff, many folks out there probably have the same dilemma Christine had. As a busy parent with a house full of kids, they had a lot of stuff. Sometimes that stuff just stayed where it landed.

She talked about how anxious she was with the knowledge of camera crews on their way. But as the photos on this page indicate time changes things. Like the one above with Christine and Truely Brown.

In a book that the Sister Wives adults penned years back, Christine Brown detailed how she prepared for the TLC cameras. But first, put yourself in her place.

Take a good look around your home. Do you see anything you wouldn’t want the nation to see?

Whether you sit with a pile of unfolded clothes or a sink full of dishes at home, there’s always something. If a camera crew was about to film you in your surroundings, you’d probably make some changes.

That’s what Christine Brown did. But as time went on with the camera crew became almost like family. She got used to the cameras and it seems she let her guard down. But much to the delight of her fans.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Sister Wives: What’s That In the Background?

Much like anything you do over and over again, you tend to get comfortable with it. It seems this Sister Wives co-wife did just that with her reality series. So, as the seasons rolled along, fans eyed spots of discombobulation around Christine’s house.

Then it got to a point where it seemed Christine Brown didn’t try to hide things. But instead of a manicured home, which she attempted to present in the past, she also shared a few of the untidy scenes herself in photos for her fans.

The pile of mismatched socks on the floor came from a photo Christine took herself. The same goes for the untidy kitchen cabinet above.

While this Sister Wives lady seemed to have everything just so when the show first emerged, she doesn’t always demonstrate that today. Check out the background of some of the scenes at Christine’s home as you binge-watch Sister Wives.

Other moms seeing themselves in Christine Brown may be why she boasts such a huge fan base. With hundreds of thousands of followers, this Sister Wives mom is often referred to as a “breath of fresh air” by the viewers.

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