‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Lost Too Much Weight in New Pic?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown‘s weight loss prompted fans to rave over how great she looks but now some think she’s gone a bit overboard. It seems that a new picture of Christine has fans focusing on the weight she lost on her face.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Has Agenda for Weight Loss?

While she’s slimmed down all over, the weight loss shows up in her face as well. Christine sports more of a sculpted look with her cheekbones very visible when she grins ear to ear like in her new photo below. ‘

The comments about the slimmed-down Christine Brown flowed online for months. Headlines screamed for fans to check out the before and after pictures of the Sister Wives celeb. Fans rave over how good this co-wife looks after she slimmed down.

Stories spun suggesting all kinds of reasons behind the third wife of Kody Brown’s determination to shed those pounds. Many fans believed Christine’s motivation for this weight loss was to gain the attention of the Sister Wives patriarch.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Shut Down By Kody Brown

The “fun wife” as her Sister Wives shared husband calls her, makes no secret about her need for his attention. She’s made moves on Kody several times throughout the seasons as the camera rolled only to be shut down.

When Christine Brown goes in for a hug now and then, Kody doesn’t look pleased as he subtly backs away. More than likely that has to do with one of his own rules. He’s adamant about not showing affection to one wife if there’s a chance the other wives might see.

Christine Brown carried extra weight around for a few years during the filming of Sister Wives. But she suddenly went on a diet and slimmed down. Fans couldn’t offer enough praise for how she looked, especially once it seemed as if she met her weight-loss goal.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Before and After Weight Loss

Sister Wives: Fans Suggest It’s Time for Christine Brown to Stop

Christine Brown looked great once she dropped all the weight. But it appears she is still slimming down and some fans think maybe she’s gone a bit too far.

Christine’s latest posted photo prompted fans to suggest she might want to put a few pounds back on. Sister Wives followers suggest Christine’s face is looking a bit thin these days from too much weight coming off.

One person wondered if she was not well after seeing her latest face-shot photo above in the article. This beautiful mom of six doesn’t need to take off any more weight, according to some of her followers today.

Some of the comments appear penned out of genuine concern. Then, of course, nasty comments also make their way into the mix. But it seems Sister Wives enthusiasts feel Christine Brown is one beautiful woman who doesn’t need to drop any more weight.

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