‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Dangles Carrot as Kody Falters?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is probably the most attentive wife to Kody Brown out of all the four women this shared husband married. So, it stands to reason she’s going above and beyond to help get Kody out of his funk.

Recent reports suggest Kody’s stress level heightened over his financial situation. He claimed he lost sleep over this. Now Christine Brown comes to the rescue.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Makes It Sound Glamorous

It seems Christine Brown is trying to light a spark under her Sister Wives followers by offering almost everything but the kitchen sink. That is if they sign up to sell the clothing brand she is selling. So she dangles the carrot of her sales pitch to her online followers.

What she is doing today got quite of bit of negative feedback from Sister Wives enthusiasts. What she’s attempting to sell did upset some of the folks. The company Christine, as well as Meri Brown, works for is in the headlines lately.

They are accused of being a pyramid scheme and people claim they’ve lost money investing in their clothing to sell. Past sales reps have sued them. Even the attorney general for the state of Washington took out a lawsuit against the clothing company.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Bargain Time – Sounds Too Good To Be True?

The third wife from the Sister Wives tribe describes how it works below. You pick 65 articles of clothing and pay $500. Then you attempt to sell the pieces, that you now own, to potential customers. But if you don’t sell them, what then?

Past sales people from this company say that you own those pieces if you don’t sell them. But while you actively sell their wares, you are prompted to recruit other people to make sales, who will also bring you in money from their sales.

If Christine Brown is successful at signing up more salespeople, she makes money on their sales as well. What some astute fans of the Sister Wives series seem to suggest is how this might not work for the average person.

They also shared their warnings with other Sister Wives possible takers online. Don’t forget that both Meri and Christine Brown each boast hundreds of thousands of followers online to sell to. The average person doesn’t have a ready-made audience for making sales.

Some people that have worked for this company said their friends and family members got sick of them attempting to sell the items. But Christine Brown apparently made it her mission to recruit more people for her sales force..

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Will Christine Succeed?

Christine might very well succeed as she promises that either she or her daughter Mykelti Brown Padron will offer training online. Best of all, anyone who signs up through Christine will be on “her team.”

So it looks like Christine just gave her audience from Sister Wives a reason to sell for this company. They get to report to Christine and starstruck fans will probably jump at the chance to do this.

Naysayers gave Christine a good shaming for her attempt to involve her fans from Sister Wives in this. Others seem not to heed the negative headlines or the less-than-stellar testimonials online and asked how to get started.

The faithful watchers of Sister Wives know that Kody Brown dug the family into a financial hole. It looks like Christine Brown pushes full steam ahead attempting to help with the finances. Her shared husband needs help, so she comes to his aid.

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